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What Apps do you suggest I purchase with my iTunes card? (see details)

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) October 16th, 2011

I bought a MacBook Air, so Apple is going to email me a $100 App Store gift card. It might just be a iTunes gift card, so I may be able to get a couple movies too.

Anyways, I’m in University so I want to mostly get apps that will make my academic life easier. Any great apps that you would suggest for me? Tell me why it is so awesome, and what it does.

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This isn’t any academic help, but World of Goo is the best thing ever. It’s an awesome little game, tricky too!

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@KateTheGreat Hmmm, I’m not typically into games, but I’ll definitely check it out. The only games I ever liked on my iPod were racing, role playing, or shooting games (like war ones).

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Would you mind telling us what your focus will be in University? Knowing your area of study will help us figure out which Apps will be most beneficial.

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Apple’s iWork apps are excellent. Pages is like Microsoft Word (it can open and save Word files), Numbers is like Excel and does spreadsheets, and Keynote is like Powerpoint but much better. They all integrate nicely with the built-in apps like iPhoto and such.

I don’t know if it’s on the App store but Papers is a neat app that’s designed for managing journal articles and research. It has a 30-day free trial, so you can take a look and see if you think it’ll be useful to you.

Concentrate is a neat app that let’s you temporarily block out distracting apps and websites (like Facebook and Fluther) so you can stop procrastinating and get that paper finished. It also has a free trial.

If you ever need to do light-duty photoshop types of things for projects and reports, Pixelmator is MUCH cheaper and easier to use than Photoshop, and isn’t filled with lots of stuff you don’t need that will only confuse you. It also has a free trial.

Mental Case is an app for making virtual flashcards. And Voodoo Pad is an app that’s useful for organizing projects and articles. It’s kind of like having your own mini wikipedia where you can create documents that link to each other. I use it for planning projects. You also might want to look at Things which is a task/project app that lets you organize and track all of your to-do items.

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A couple Psychology specific apps are:

StudySets – Psychology


I haven’t used either of those, so read up a bit on them to see if it is something you’ll find useful.

Another app that is amazing for anything note taking related, is Evernote . It is free & is available for both mobile devices & computer.

An app that may prove to be more useful than expected is the official Wikipedia app, Wikipedia Mobile May come in handy for those quick searches that take too long to do manually on the mobile devices browser.

Don’t forget about the unsung heros of iTunes, the iTunes U department. They have excellent resources of information, all for free!!

Psychology – Yale Faculty and distinguished guests speak on psychology research and latest studies happening at Yale.

Psychology – Cornell psychology programs draw on faculty from departments across the university including Psychology, Human Development, and Neurobiology and Behavior.

Psychology 140, 001|Spring 2010|UC Berkeley – This is the Psychology class at UC Berkeley being video recorded.

Hope these are of some help. Good luck at University.

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Wolfram Alpha is a great app as a student. It’s like having a smart kid in class that lets you cheat off of him!

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@rpm_pseud0name Thank You! I didn’t watch the Berkely videos because I am in Intro to psych. However, I am watching a different series from a intro class on iTunes. It will probably help a lot, as I have my first midterm in two days…

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