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Pint sized french doors?

Asked by syz (35649points) May 11th, 2008

My house has two rooms that have these funny, two part doors. They’re not bifold – it’s almost as if an average sized door was split down the middle, had hinges placed on each side of the door jam, and you push the middle to swing them both open. They latch by magnets. The reason for this is that a full sized door would require more wall space to be opened (it’s a small house). So, my dilema is that I’d like to replace one set with glass mullioned french doors but I can’t find anything the right size (the door opening is 36 inches). I can’t believe that the doors that are here now were special order – everything inthis house is on the cheap. Anyone have any suggestions about where to find these so that I can avoid having the cost of special order?

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you could always make your own. But I would find a person who remodles and ask them. Don’t go to a company they will probably charge you a lot. Or if there is an Ikea around you I would look there. They have lots of things there and who knows what you will find!

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home depot can get it made for you, by Masonite. It would run about $449.00 and up

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