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How do you all feel about people poking fun at other people's weight, when they're thick themselves?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 17th, 2011

I have a hefty cousin who put up this current photo of Axl Rose (as his avatar). Poor taste? No big deal? What are your thoughts?

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(In Holland) your link doesn’t work.

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Fixed the link.

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It’s irritating but I see it all the time. Most of the men I work with and see on a daily basis (50 or more at a time) are overweight and they are hyper critical of the women and sometimes men they see come through our doors.

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In NJ, it still didn’t work.

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It annoys me to see people poking fun at people in general.

Wow, you found a photo of someone who is overweight. That’s great. What do you have to contribute that isn’t boring and coma-inducing? There are websites where most of the posts are just sad, lonely people posting unflattering photos of other people. I’m thinking they have some inner work to do.

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Maybe ” thick ” people have the most right to do so.

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Is my link really not working? It is to my photobucket and I’ve had no problems in the past.

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@lloydbird Lloyd likes to pick fights. God, I’m loving the negativity here on Fluther these days. :)

How about overweight?

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@Jude For me it works now, thanks,

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I’m not much for anyone making fun of any others.

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@Jude Not pickin, just commentin.

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And how is that contributing to the discussion?

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@Jude Assumin that you talkin to me….
Well, I know of some racial groups and religious groups that have appropriated abusive terms that were levelled at them.

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Is your cousin aware of his being heavy or fat?
I was 115 kilo (edit: 80 kilo now) some 2.5 year ago, and I only noticed it after a while it happenned gradually when I saw pictures of myself.
Maybe, if someone isn’t aware, he/she is also not aware of the discrepancy of his remarks.

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Seems to me that we are equal opportunity fun pokers-at, whether people are like us or not. I have no feelings one way or the other about this. I mean, really! Who gives a fig’s newton?

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I believe “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” sums this one up nicely; but as long as he can take it and not just dish it, there isn’t much to be said… and that shot is pretty amusing.

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Looks like a funny photo to me; I laughed.
I’d go to the jungle if there was cake…

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Link worked now. I would question why he put it up; was he making fun of Axel or perhaps himself?

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It’s just a joke. In a perfect world, we would all get along and never make jokes.

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It seems like just a joke to me. But it would be hypocritical to criticize someone for their weight while being overweight themselves unless it were a “don’t end up like me” sort of message. But it often seems to be more of a “hate in others what you hate most about yourself” situation.

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Maybe it is blowing someone else’s candle to make hers burn brighter. I mean kind of a “I may be fat, but look at Axle Rose!” situation. I am not really a huge fan of humiliation, so this kind of thing tends to bug me rather than make me laugh – whatever the weight of the person who posts it.

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In fairness, Axl is a self important asshole.

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I love Axl. That picture is not cool.

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I don’t see that using a picture of a heavy-set guy as an avatar is “picking on him.” That’s assuming that everybody finds heavy people laughable or worth bullying. There certainly are a lot of entertainers who are overweight. What is it I’m not understanding?

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I personally don’t think anyone should poke fun at someone because of their weight whether they are thick, obese, “normal” or stick-thin. I know that many people disagree with me though.

I’m also not understanding how @lloydbird‘s comment weren’t relevant to the convo…

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@KatawaGrey Misunderstanding on my part. Thought that @lloydbird had a problem with me using the word “thick”. We (@lloyd and I) have had words in the past, so, I’m thinking that they were just making a dig.

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Part of it may be because he was so thin back in the day the picture is bit of a surprise.
I can’t imagine him doing his signature sway-dance at this weight. I’m trying, but I can’t. I used to make fun of him for that, and I’m far from a great dancer, so I guess I’m as bad as your cousin.

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No big deal and quite funny!. My best friend is a big girl and she often makes fun of other overweight people (to their faces) and they will do it back to her. It’s very tongue in cheek as they all know and embrace their larger figures.

If my friend posted this on her Facebook, which, if she sees it, she probably will do, it would be as a way of making fun of herself as well as Axl Rose not as a way of hatin’ on others to make herself feel better! She often sends me fat jokes via text message and I see it as, no more than her tongue-in-cheek, ironic humour.

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