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How do I get rid of the smell of herpes?

Asked by College_girl (915points) October 17th, 2011

So I found out about 2 or so weeks ago I have herpes…..oh joy….but there is like a constant fishy, nasty smell that goes along with it. How do i get rid of it? I use pads so the discharge doesnt get on my underwear, but it just smells so bad. What can I do?

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I’ve had oral herpes my whole life—I realize it’s probably very different for you. I know that anti-viral drugs have gotten MUCH better since I was little. I used to take lots of pills when I would break out and it would take weeks to clear up, now I take Famvir 2x/day whenever I think an outbreak is coming and it is much less severe, and clears up within a few days.

I know this doesn’t directly help with your question (lady smells are not something I’ve ever cared to look into), but I would be sure to get up with your MD and get a supply of anti-virals so you can be ready to take it as soon as you get symptoms (the earlier the better).

I’m sorry about your diagnosis, and I hope you get some answers from the women here to help with the odor issues. Best wishes.

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Thank you. yea its more the smell then the actually outbreak thats the problem

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Did you ask your Dr about this? From what I understand herpes only causes odor during outbreak from the bursting sores (I dont think its avoidable during that time.) A fishy smell could be due to BV or a yeast infection if you are not currently having an outbreak.

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I have never read anything about an odor being associated with a herpes infection. I suggest you talk to your Ob-Gyn ASAP.

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The smell you describe sounds much more like vaginosis, a bacterial infection, something requiring antibiotics to clear up.

It’s entirely possible to have this in addition to herpes but not necessarily caused by it.

Obviously you need to have someone with MD after their name make a proper diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medication.

It’s not the type of issue that anyone can diagnose over the Internet. All we can do is take an educated guess. But that’s all it is. A guess.

Go to a Doctor in person.

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Vaginal discharge caused by herpes can be very smelly (it’s also usually thick and yellowy) but symptoms can vary from woman to woman only around 25% of women with herpes will have discharge. Yes a bacterial infection will cause a fishy smell as will a fungal infection but it’s hardly diagnostic. If @College_girl says she has herpes (which i guess she was told by a doc) then that’s the most likely cause.

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A fishy smell doesn’t sound like herpes, especially if you’re not currently having an outbreak. It’s possible that you have a bacterial or a fungal infection.

It’s probably best to see someone with some medical training though.

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Yes I was told by a doctor after being tested I have herpes. I do have a yellowish discharge which is why I wear the lightday pads. It’s not that easy to see an obgyn since I’m on campus and the female doctor only comes once every two weeks. In fact I could have been diagnosed sooner if the male doctor would have looked and then the meds would have worked

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