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Is there a difference between razors for men and those for women?

Asked by rebbel (32241points) October 17th, 2011

As you (may) know I sport a beard, so I don’t have much to shave.
Recently though I visited a barber for a beard trimming session.
He trimmed it and also shaved my neck/undercheek.
After that I decided to do that myself, the neck shaving, and I bought a disposable razor.
A dark blue one.
Now my girlfriend has a similar razor, dark blue too, and now I wondered the following:
Are they the same?
Are the blades different is one thinner than the other?
Does it ‘hurt’ if me or my girl accidentaly uses the other’s razor will my razoring with her blade make it blunt?

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Of course. If you use a woman’s razor, you’re very clearly gay and should begin wearing glitter. If a woman uses a man’s razor, she’s obviously a lesbian. Duh. You know which to choose based on your gender color and the completely obvious gendered advertizing. Dark colors, bold words for men. Light colors, something with ribbons for women.

Answer: No, no difference. Kind of like this.

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the blades are at different angles because men’s facial hair is more coarse then women’s leg and underarm hair. Also men’s razors are most often blue black or grey and women’s pink or purple.

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I don’t think so. Often, within a brand, you can swap out the heads (e.g., men’s razor cartridge on a woman’s razor).

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yeah, I get the whole advertising (directed at certain groups) thing.
That is exactly what made me think of this.
Are we (some of us who fall for this strategies) buying the same razors actually, but do we think we buy different ones?
Could we buy a bunch of Bic’s for $5/€5 instead and happily use them, both me and my girlfriend, with both of us a smooth skin as a result?

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I think they are the same, just marketed to appeal to women or men.
I use both kinds/colors and don’t see a difference.
I have both kinds in my house right now. I just did an inspection and can’t see any difference.

My sons have used my pink razors when we run out of the blue ones that they usually use. I haven’t noticed them using my makeup as a result of this use.~

I buy the kind that I like when they are on sale. If I run out before I get more, then I use my boy’s blue ones. I buy whatever is on sale for them, there is one kind that they don’t like and I try to remember the brand and not get those.
Generally I try to keep the pink on hand for me. Mostly because they (my kids) aren’t as apt to grab mine then and use them up.

Yes @rebbel you can do that if you like the Bic razors, it would probably save room in the medicine cabinet.

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They are different in this house. I use a Gillette Fusion. The cutting edge of the lead blade is close (3 mm) to the leading edge of the assembly so I can shave close to sideburns and under my nose. In the women’s Venus design the blades start 8mm from the leading edge. I guess when shaving legs there are not so many edges to worry about. I cannot use the Venus blade to shave my upper lip.

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So @worriedguy If I’m shaving in a tight space I might want to get the guy razor?

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Thanks to all who answered!
Thank you, @worriedguy, for another, interesting, angle on this question.
I think that you are right in that assumption, @wilma .


Men’s razors are probably built more durable than ladies’ razors, and do a better job of shaving with heavier handles, often made with metal. Ladies’ razors are packaged pretty and come in feminine colors like pink, purple, lavender, white, etc., whereas men’s razors are packaged in strong, prominent packages with bold lettering, and come in masculine dark colors like black, navy blue, and grey silver.

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@worriedguy Is correct – and Thanks!.



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Women’s are pink. Men’s are blue.

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There’s no difference but using someone else’s razor is usually considered bad form as its possible to transfer a whole host of blood bourne diseases that way. Mind you if you’re sleeping together and what not that may not be too much of a concern…

My razor has an ironwood handle and the word “Spartacus” in gold leaf on the blade. No girl has ever dared touch the thing never mind attempt to shave with it

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My wife never uses my razor for my face shaving. Her soft leg hair may be soft, but it reaks havoc on my razor and destroys my face. Why? I have not a clue.

She buys a blue-handled razor and I buy a green.

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I have no official answer, but I have had much better results with some men’s razors than with some of the comparable women’s razors. Much like @worriedguy‘s comparison of Edge and Venus.

It seems to me that more quality is put into mid-to-upper brand disposable or disposable head razors for men. My theory is that men stick with something they like when they find it while women tend to be more willing to ditch and try something new. I think women consider shaving their legs as part of being sexy while men consider shaving routine hygiene.

That being said… I’ve tried all kinds of razors (fickle woman!) but I always go back to my trusty pink Daisy.

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@worriedguy hit it right on the nose. The gender of razors is only there to specify blade angles and space between dual or triple or quad blades. Pretty much though all blades can be used on any part of the body, some just work better for others.
I’ve found that shaving oil helps tremendously. Have you tried it? It helps the hairs stand up for shaving. It works wonders. Also, keep your blades clean and dry post shaving. Keeping blades in the shower dull them quickly due to minerals in the water drying and resting on the blades edge.
I did a report on this very subject when I was in high school. You can find a ton of info on it pretty easily.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Very interesting link. Completely agree with most of the comments there.

To answer your question; no. Sharp blades cut hair, everything else is marketing bullshit.

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@judochop I found, quite by accident, that the best product for a smooth shave is cheap, thin conditioner. I haven’t noticed any premature dulling of the blades. I also noticed my legs were more moisturized. Oils don’t work for me when it comes to shaving, but they are great for after bath moisturizing.

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