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Are there any books written by or about an undercover cop?

Asked by nighttripper (162points) May 11th, 2008

like their story of what its like to be one?

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Search amazon or google. I know there are books written by soldiers.

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Here’s one that fits both requirements: No Mercy: Confessions of an Undercover Cop Here’s a whole bookshelf of undercover cop titles:

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Check out Frank Serpico. A movie (Serpico) was made about his career (R de Niro played him) and there is a wonderful bio written by Peter Maas, who is as good a writer as Serpico was a cop.

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Donnie Brasco. / Great Book, great movie; about an undercover FBI agent.

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Al Pacino played Serpico, I think…...

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@Pattyb; you are absolutely correct. I was rushing – always a mistake. Thanks for catching my mistake.

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there is an old movie called “Rush” its about 2 undercover cops trying to bust drug lords. Can’t say it shows cops in the best light, but might give u an idea of what they could face….

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What a great question for your local bookstore

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Serpico is the one that comes to my mind too.

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Mind Hunter by John Douglas

Douglas created the FBI’s Criminal Profiling Program, portrayed by Scott Glenn in Silence of the Lambs

his website:

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