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Best way to relieve tooth pain (cavity I think) until I can get to a dentist?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) October 17th, 2011

I am in serious pain…

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Pain relievers help. Ice can help, too. Put an ice bag on the outside of your jaw. Numbs the pain.

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For me some pain killers did a quite decent job.
Ibuprofen was what I took, two 400 mg pills.

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Swish some whisky around in your mouth… Heck you can swallow the stuff unlike mouthwash.
Want to avoid alcohol, I have chewed aspirin with the offending tooth.

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Orajel available at drugstores.

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Paracetamol and ibuprofen (to the daily max dose as stated on the packets). You can also get a local anaesthetic gel thats supposed to numb the area but I’m not sure effective it actually is.

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I have always had good luck with Advil for tooth pain.

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Clove oil, peppermint oil, synsodyne toothpaste.
Biting on a Clive tea bag if it’s real bad.

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lightly bite down with tooth a cognac-soaked cottonball

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clove oil , cloves

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Clove oil and a big joint and a shot of tequila, in this order.

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If your tooth is aching because of cavity, then pain relievers can help until you get to your dentist. However, if it is aching and swollen and must be extracted; your dentist can’t extract it if your gums are swollen and infected. You need to take anti-biotic to get rid of the swelling. However, your dentist should be the one to tell you which anti-biotic you should take. Prevention is still the best medicine. Take care of your teeth.

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Orajel or a tea bag (green or black tea works best).

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Things that work for me in order of most effective to least effective:

- 5ml of injectalbe “Metamizol” brand “Nolotil” mixed with water and swallowed (8 hours no pain)

- Spraying Benzocain tooth calmer on the tooth (20 minutes no pain)

- Rubbing street grade cocain on the area (20 minutes no pain)

- Holding whiskey or any other 40% alcohol on the area for 30 seconds (10 minutes no pain)

- Keeping a mouth full of cold water (no pain until spat out or it reaches body tempreature)

- Smoking (some mild pain relief while hot smoke moves over the tooth)

Note, that you try any of this stuff at your own risk, I’m not a doctor. Putting cold water in your mouth could help, or it could cause agony, rubbing cocain on the tooth will sooth but cause more damage, as will smoking also stimulate any infection.

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Cloves really help. Amazing.

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