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Random shooting pains in my leg?

Asked by noco4ever (4points) October 17th, 2011

I have been in a walking boot for an ankle injury for almost three weeks now. Within the last couple of days i have been having off and on shooting pains(pretty painful) in the upper part of my leg(the one without the boot). Is it possible that these pains are occurring because i am walking oddly due to the boot? I was wondering if any doctors or people with similar experiences could tell me what was going on. Thanks for any help!

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I had a similar experience after the operation on my right leg to repair it from a military parachuting accident. I had pain in my left leg which continued until the muscles adapted to the fact that now my right leg was shorter than my left. If they continue, let your doctor know.

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The pains are to be expected, but as @CaptainHarley states if they persist let your doctor know. When you change your walking motion, you use different muscles, or the same ones differently and that can take your body some time to get used to.

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Do you have any family history of blood clots?
Not trying to scare you but intermittent claudication,
and it’s worth checking in with your PCP, sooner than later-
because if that’s what it is, its a heck of a lot easier to deal with
if you catch it early before it starts to travel.
keep us posted

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Ask the doctor for a physical therapy refferal. They can help you modify your walking so you don’t compound your problem by injuring your good side.

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*but it might be

sorry missed a few words there.

(I say IC because you say shooting pain, not a soreness from the discomfort of walking oddly)

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check with your PCP to rule out peripheral neuropathy. I have it due to diabetes and the damage to the nerves can send shooting pain. Maybe the broken ankle damaged a nerve?

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