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Night time and thoughts?

Asked by xxzodiacxx6 (13points) May 11th, 2008

Do you think people think of you at night? I wonder who thinks about me , because I think about quite a few people before I fall asleep. Especially the one I love, and a few friends. . When I’m about to go to bed I think about everything, and it makes me fall asleep a lot less easy. Also, what makes you fall asleep faster?

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I find that reading a book before I go to sleep helps. I know what you mean about thinking about people. I have also often wondered if anyone ever thinks about me.It certainly would be nice to think so and hopefully they think of you with fond memories. I try not to worry about things though that will just stress you out and keep you awake all night.

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i know what you mean about trying to fall asleep when you have alot on your mind… it’s near impossible! The best advice I could give you is just trying to calm yourself down by breathing slowly in and out or simply trying to relax yourself. Don’t stay up all night getting yourself worked up about things! A good night’s sleep can work wonders! Also, I agree with Adina. Reading can help to distract you from your own problems and help you to relax.
good luck =)

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Thanks [= glad I’m not alone

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Indeed reading awhile helps put me down gently, as does deep breathing and visualizing my “bests”: what my best vacation would look like, what my best day at work would be like, what my best relationship with my husband would feel like, etc.

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to simply sleep I listen to harry pottor audibbook

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Chamomile tea is my lifesaver when I can’t turn off my brain and sleep.

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I listen to music or read until i’m tired, but when i’m listening to music i often think about practically every person i know, over analyzer, haha (o:

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It helps to get old. I use books on tape and now (I can’t believe I am writing this) after three weeks, the cat who lodges with me lies on my chest and tickles me w. his whiskers and paws. I bet that his presence has lowered my blood pressure.

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I listen to my iPod befor I go to sleep

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Make sure the book is something really boring though. I’ve tried to fall sleep to books before but if I find that I’m really into them a couple of hours can fly by without my knowing it. Try something like Silas Marner.. zzzzzz…..

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hmmm..lately ive been thinking about my bf lately when i go to sleep..hes like always in my dreams nd all..
anywhos for me to fall asleep faster,
just bored me to sleep thats if no one talks to me or whatever id eventually fall asleep..for some odd reason when im tired i do not fall asleep but tend to get very hyper.

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I am usually thinking about finances or other stressful stuff when I am trying to sleep – so I actually try to make myself think of loved ones, etc. or I try just praying – it calms me and helps me to sleep – if that doesn’t work – Xanax is a good alternative!

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I pray for my S/O and wonder if he is able to sleep that night. Then think about things he said that day and more thoughts about being together. That usually keeps me awake so I take a melatonin to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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