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Am I the only one who finds it wierd that isn't formatted for the iPhone?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) May 11th, 2008 from iPhone

In all honesty I figured that would be the first site formatted for it. I mean afterall Apple did make the iPhone. You would guess they would make their site more accessible for it.

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No. I’m surprised it doesn’t have that and a permanent widget for it on the home screen as well. I’m still keeping my fingers and toes crossed for mail to turn sideways.

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And the webapps page sucks too. I was expecting to be able to read it without pinching in and out.

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I think it is because apple has touted how the iPhone is the first mobile with a full browser that doesn’t necessarily need a mobile version of a site. Trying to stay true to the sales pitch even though slot of the mobile versions of sites are better. I dont work for apple though so only a guess/opinion I

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I believe you are the only that thinks it wierd that doesn’t have a webapp version

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I think it’s absolutely obnoxious that there isn’t a mobile version of, it drives me mad especially when it crashes safari on the iphone/ipod touch because of the image overload bug.

you aren’t the only one, i’ve been wondering this for a while.

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They’re not that brilliant over there at Apple are they?

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I’m more annoyed that they don’t make a place to attach a lanyard or a handyard ON the device. How hard would that be? It’s even hard finding a case that has a decent one. It seems that they were designed on purpose to be easily dropped.

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The whole point of the iPhone is that you have the full Internet in your pocket. It wouldn’t be a particularly smart marketing move if they made their own website into a watered down version.

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Yes, I’ve been pondering this myself…...even if they don’t do a modified version, I find it odd that it’s the one site that is almost guaranteed to crash Safari on the iPhone every time I open it…’d think they’d take it in to consideration.

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it doesn’t have to be watered down, its just hard and time consuming to zoom in where you want to go on their website and then by the time it finishes loading the overload crashes safari… Not to smart if anyone has noticed in the department yet.

They can keep the content, just make it easier to click on where you want to go, not have to wait for a huge page to load and then zoom in a few times… Owell, one day they will realize I’m sure

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