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What are the differences of the new Iphone 4s/ Iphone 5 and the regular Iphone 4?

Asked by Love_or_Like (443points) October 18th, 2011

I’m planning to get a Iphone about I’m having a hard time choosing which one because I don’t know what they come with.

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The iPhone 5 does not exist for sale yet, though I am sure it will be here next year. So we can exclude that one.

The iPhone 4s is faster than the 4, it also has a vastly improved camera for still and video and it has the Siri personal assistant which is really pretty cool! Check out the video and info here

If you are getting a phone go for the 4s. For people like me, who have the 4 (which is an excellent iDevice itself) it really is not worth the upgrade because when the iPhone 5 comes out you will not be eligible for the upgraded handset, having used it on the 4s.

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@Dog thank you as you can tell I don’t know much about the iphones. I probably get the Iphone 4s and @njnyjobs thank you.

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@njnyjobs the website was veryyy helpful thank you.

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why “iPhone 4S/iPhone 5” it’s clearly the 4S? Is someone in denial that they didn’t release the 5? LOLOL

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@mrrich724 Well- with all that iPhone 5 hype~

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One word; Siri.

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Prior to being unveiled, speculators have endeared the successor model to the iPhone 4 as iPhone 5, that may be the reason for the use of of the term iPhone 5 for the iPhone 4S.

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