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Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer?

Asked by Nathanael (289points) May 11th, 2008

I really am not sure what is the best browser. Help me decide.

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Firefox/Mozilla. I can’t stand other browsers.

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Firefox – add-ons, ad blockers, customization options, stability, web standards

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it’s what you like the best, i used to be into opera, then firefox for a while, now it’s safari again, don’t be afraid to change

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Firefox FTW.
Firefox 3 beta 5 for linux is amazing.

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I really like safari….I had firefox, its my 2nd pick. Internet explorer sucks

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Yea i second that. IE is horrible id rather not use the internet then have to suffer with that damn browser.

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i’d rather surf with W3M under freeBSD than use IE ;)

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To paraphrase Gary Larson,“They told me I was a free-range Web browser, and I downloaded Firefox and never looked back.” I am always happy to escape the clutches of the collective—not this one—the Borgian Microsoft one.

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I use netscape

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firefox…hands down!

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Firefox….and to even mention Internet Explorer….shame on you.

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firefox for sure

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Similar question was asked some time ago, but you may find the responses also useful:

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I use both Firefox and Safari.
Firefox for developing, but safari has some shweet CSS tools built in, you just have to know how to turn them on.
I mostly use Safari for

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Firefox. And, just in case you run into a site that wont run properly even with FireFox emulating IE, have IE installed.

Safari is great on a Mac but somehow, I don’t really like it on the PC just yet.

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Firefox. The name itself should give it away!

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Safari is my first choice and have firefox as backup. I haven’t had IE installed since Safari first appeared.

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Firefox on a Windows
Safari on a Mac

Safari on Windows isn’t that great; so i prefer Firefox.

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Firefox (or Opera because I have a soft spot for it).
Both are W3C standards compliant. Firefox is developed by a community of talented people and the product is also much more secure than IE. There are a plethora of add-ons available to enhance F-Fox’s functionality as well.

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hehe, i use webkit too

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Using WebKit is pretty much a no-brainer. It gets 100/100 on Acid3.

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and we get a new nightly build every…night

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