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Trick or treat! What did you drop in my bucket?

Asked by Blueroses (18234points) October 18th, 2011

Let’s talk about the very best part of Halloween. Begging for free candy!

Do you remember the anticipation all day long of the time you’d (finally) be allowed to ring neighbors’ doorbells? The frequent prayers to the weather gods that it wouldn’t be so cold that mom would make you put warm clothes under your disguise that transformed you into a fat, puffy fairy princess… and who ever heard of a snow-suited ninja??

Remember the smell and sound of the leaves crunching under your feet as you approached doors? The echoing laughter down the streets and the distant flashes of glow-sticks in the darkness?

Remember how the kid-network knew in 5 minutes, who was giving out full-sized candy bars and who was dropping a religious tract and a couple of smelly, old pennies?

If you are, in fact, a grownup now, what is your “treat” style?

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a snow suited ninja… LOl :))

Well some jello. Works great with any situations.

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Babe Ruths – big if I am getting, small if I am giving

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We allow the kids to pick and choose from our candy bowls (which we leave on our porch). We usually have one bowl full of a variety of candy bars, one with stickers and halloween rings-etc, and one bowl full of blow-pops & tootsie-pops.

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I order toys from If I have candy in my house I’ll eat it.

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We (english folk) didn’t really bother with halloween much, certainly not when I was a kid.
I would wander around with the kids when they were younger, as a kind of candy bodyguard.
Any callers to our house on the night, the wife deals with.

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Well @marinelife mentioned grandfather’s rum butter Lifesavers, so got to have some of those plus of course candy cigs and black licorice pipes and how about a Lowney’s Cherry Blossom. Hmm…sure would be good to get some of that Pink Elephant popcorn and hey, how about Kraft caramels, yum. Who needs chocolate?

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@ucme My dad played candy guard too but that gave him first rights to the loot. What was your percentage?

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@Blueroses Oh that’s a gimme! I’d politely wait until I was offered of course & then after 30 seconds swipe the jelly babies from their tiny hands :¬)

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My friends and I trick or treat with a beer mug. You drink what is put in the mug (shots or beer) and go to the next house. The guy that hosted the party last year gets to go first. Each stop after the drink the new couple/person joins the first. last person trick or treated hosts the party.

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I was Butterfingers when Butterfingers weren’t cool.

Nowadays, I’d like a Kit Kat.

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Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups this year. :)

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In the secluded neighborhood of my childhood, we were secure to eat homemade treats from nearly any house. I looked forward to popcorn balls stucks together with melted marshmallow and caramel apples. As for commercial candy, I always wanted the penny candy like SweeTarts, Pixie Sticks and bubblegum chunks.

These days we hand out name brand chocolate bar mixes to trick or treaters.

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I give handfuls of little candies, like tootsie rolls and generic suckers.

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Plop! You just got a full sized Snickers Bar. Enjoy!

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Tootsie rolls stuffed with razor blades.

Livin’ on the edge.

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Cherry bomb. Screw your candy!

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last year I did snickers bite size candy and glow sticks… they loved the glow sticks!

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@gravity I just picked up a basket load of glow sticks at the dollar store. I thought that would be cool too!

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We give out microwave popcorn packets, hot chocolate envelopes, or hot cider envelopes.

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I used to make fresh popcorn and package it in little bags tied with a bow, but that was before everyone became so paranoid.

Now I choose whatever the members of my household want to have left over—for example, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, Snickers—and buy them in miniature. For me, it’s always plain milk chocolate, with nothing stuck inside it to take up space that ought to be filled with chocolate.

You can have three or four, unless you come late and I’m running low.

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hee hee @Jeruba and thanks for answering Part II of my question, which is: Do you buy treats to give out that you would want as leftovers? Or do you buy stuff that doesn’t tempt you?

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(And there’s always the counter at work the next day, where you can park a bowlful of your leftovers…and graze on the others’...)

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@Jeruba Yes, I remember those fun days when my sister and I made cookies for several days to hand out. I miss that

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@YARNLADY too bad that home made treats are no longer acceptible. Thanks to a few deranged miscreants it is too dangerous to let your kids eat homemade treats from people you barely know.

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@WestRiverrat There are some blocks and neighborhoods within my village where people still do hand out actual treats. They stick an address label on the package/wrap so you can see where your child got it from.

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@SpatzieLover that’s a great idea. Unless… you want to poison a kid and blame your rotten neighbor… :)

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@YARNLADY we have a town ordinance against giving treats that are not store bought.

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Nothing for the last few. My children are grown and for once my husband and I can celebrate the anniversary of the day we met without having to be slaves to our door.
But when I did hand out stuff, I use to hand out 3musketeers, kit kats, hershey kisses, boxes of malted balls or small packets of them and almond joys.
I had to be ready to eat anything left over. :)

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I love your details @Blueroses :) Halloween was so magical when I was a kid lol. One time my dad got me a small, glow in the dark skeleton. It glowed green, and I had conversations with it.

So I’m dropping surprise bags. (those that have a buncha candy in them, and sometimes a toy) Also small versions of chocolate bars, and Rocket candies. (those that come in a roll) Basically, on Halloweens that I get to give out candy, I give out what I loved getting the most as a kid.

And fuck those caramels with orange and black wrapping. It’s like eating a brick!

The wrappers do look cool though. :D

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We don’t get many trick-or-treaters, (as a matter of fact last year was the first time in the 10 years I’ve been here), so I always keep the candies that I like on hand so that I can nibble on them after dinner. This year I have one of my all time favorites PayDay candy bars to pass out. Not really looking forward to giving them all away either.;}

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My favorite Halloween would have been 1980 or ‘81 when I dressed up like Boba Fett.

(10 minutes later)

Dammit, I found a pic of me in the costume, but can’t find the install disc for my scanner…sigh.

We don’t get many trick or treaters in my neighborhood, so I usually turn off the porch light :/ so my night isn’t wasted waiting for the 3 kids that do show up.

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@FutureMemory Take a picture of the picture with your phone camera and upload that.

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Damn you’re smart :)~ Will do as soon as my dad gets off my phone.

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Hmm, doesn’t look as good as I hoped, but here it is.


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The one on the right? Is that Boba Fett? It looks like Yoda from here.

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I’m on the left. Yoda is the resident of the house. I remember he used a Yoda voice and answered the door on his knees :D

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I get mini candies I’d like myself, so if few kids came, I’d enjoy them myself. More and more schools are providing parties, so there are fewer trick or treaters. Most fun was a year I lived in an apartment in a Boston neighborhood. The door bell would ring. We’d turn off the lights. My room mate would be ready to open the door. I’d stoop down to kid level with a lighted flash light under my chin. She’d open the door. The kids would shriek. We’d wait and hear whispers outside the door as the ikds got brave enough to ring again. Then we’d hand out the candy.

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My Mom used to make candied apples for us at home, but if we received one in our trick or treat bag, we were not allowed to eat it, nor anything else that was home made for fear of razor blades and poison. And this was in the 60’s, so all of the caution really started early.

I remember eating all sorts of nifty things at one of the neighbor kids’ Halloween parties, though. Because our folks knew all of the kids and parents that were at the party, we were allowed to eat the delicacies. Mmmmm Rice Krispie treats.

Back in the day, I loved Pixie Stix, but the thought of choking back that sweet and sour powder now makes me gag. I always loved Hershey bars with almonds and Snickers bars. They used to make these lollipops that had a looped string for a holder instead of a stick, those were cool, because you could loop them around your fingers and swing them around. I also liked Rollos and Big Hunks and M&M’s.

So if you came by my house, chances are I’d be throwing a party and serving Peanut Butter Crispy Rice Treats and Congo Bars and Chocolate Truffles and Spiced Nuts

And for some savory concoctions I would serve Yummy Mummy Wraps with Blood Sauce and Spicy Plasma Dip and Enchanted Toadstools and The Devil’s Own Eggs along with some Dracula’s Soup not forgetting the Enchiladas del Diablo and the Jack O Lantern Stew

And to drink there would be Pumpkin Ale and Bloody Mary’s and Vampire Blood on Ice

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Is it Halloween yet?

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Almond Joys, Milk Duds and Kit Kats. Yuum!!

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