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Do you think speedos are attractive on anyone, even well built men?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41921points) October 18th, 2011

I looked, guys. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see this question, but I didn’t, not straight up like this, so have at it.

Please let us know if you are male or female in your response.


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Female. Not really.

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Yes, @rebbel. I know you’re male! What do you think about speedos?

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@rebbel But what is your opinion about speedos?

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I think they can be. I remember in high school I liked to ogle the water polo team…

Oh, and I am male. I have never worn a speedo outside of a joke, but when I see a really attractive guy in a speedo, I can’t help but want to look…

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When I was an insecure teen-/tweenager I refused to wear them (again) because I thought that everyone was looking at my productive organ you know, it shrinks in the water (the organ, not the Speedos).
Now I am more confident, but these days I like the design of surf shorts more also on other men, by the way.


@DominicX What is your sex, @Dutchess_III wants to know?

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Yes, only well built men, and of course has to fit. It can’t be too small or too big.

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@rebbel He’s male!
@rebbel no worries. I personally like the design of surf shorts more on men too.
@Blackberry Dude! You have to tell us if you’re male or female!

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I’ll chime in. Female. No. Not attractive.

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Male, I rock the Speedo.

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Female, I like em.

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@Dutchess_III I thought everyone knew I was a male, already. Oops.

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I did @Blackberry. I knew DK was male too, but it’s for perfect clarification for those who might not know.

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Female. I don’t really think they are attractive on anyone.

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LOL at @King_Pariah rockin the speedo!

Female. I can’t imagine a stripper without a Speedo… well…. ummm….. hummm… yea, I can…
nevermind ; )

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We’re just talking about regular guys at the pool @EnchantingEla. Not guys dressed in costume on a stage at an event that is specifically sexual.

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HaHa! Sorz, my bad : ( You didn’t say that we were poolside! lol

On a well built man… yes they are attractive :p

[edited in] these, are more ‘attractive” though : )

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Head count. At this point 5 females and 4 males have answered:
The results so far are:

Attractive: 2 female
4 male

Not attractive: 3 female
0 men

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Men in them look desperate to me.

I’d wear one for a girl if she bought dinner first and asked nicely, but inside.

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I’m a female.

Speedos are the opposite of attractive…IMO, they are worse than simply being unattractive.

Even if placed on a Greek or Roman God, Speedos would detract.

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I agree @SpatzieLover. To me there is nothing attractive about a clearly outlined and barely covered package. What, exactly, is the message supposed to be, I wonder?

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Female. Not on anyone. Whenever I see one, I blush.

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…i’m tempted to send out a shout out to all the guys to change their profile pics to them in speedos or just a Speedo. Just to get someone to blush.

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I will never buy a speedo.

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I recant my answer if you’re talking solely about Speedo crotch-shots ; )

@Dutchess_III it’s not solely about the “package”, it’s the entire package, imo.
Personally I’m a derriere girl and a well built man in a Speedo from behind is fine to say the least : )

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@Dutchess_III I think that is part of the issue for me, as well. It’s not just the definition of the “package”... but that a “package” in that errr…state is not especially appealing to look at. I hope that made sense, because it was the only way I could think to word it and keep it SFW.

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Oh Lord @King_Pariah! What could we do to retaliate, girls? You’ll probably have to leave me out of it it, but go ‘head!

ANef…it or out of that state…who wants to see it in public? Really?

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@Dutchess_III well… you ladies could change your pics to ya’all in bikinis, or lingerie… I mean us guys would totally have the same reaction as you to us in speedos… (please work please work please work) :D

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Not workin’! Sorry! I’m stirrin’ this pot as fast as I can but it ain’t workin!

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Female. No thanks!

Possibly a different answer if we are in Scandinavia though ;)....but overall no no don’t do it. Shorts do leave more to the imagination, especially lace-ups!

@rebbel, that’s because they are….they are trying so hard not to but they are.

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@Yanaba speedos + Scandinavia = COLD!!!

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@Neizvestnaya You are female, correct?

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@King Pariah I’m underage, It’s illieagal:)

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They look great on women

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Female, I think they’re okay-looking on the right guy.

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I’m a female, and I think they look silly and ridiculous even on even the most lovely, chiseled swimmers and diver’s bodies. On normal people they just make me want to run away.

The absolute worst is when you see a man with a slight potbelly, with tons and tons of dark, pubic-like hair all over his body, and skinny little legs.


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@Dutchess_III It’s a proportionality thing. Nearly everybody in Scandinavia is in great shape, blondeish with a small natural tan…so the relative effects of cold are a lot less than they would be for not-super-trim people, hehe. Also, it’s not cold most of the year, just doesn’t get super hot :)

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@Kardamom “Silly and ridiculous…” excellent adjectives!

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