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Would you rather eat peanut butter or jelly the rest of your life?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) October 18th, 2011

Just know: peanut butter is a-m-a-zing!

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I need protein so I’d need the PB.

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PB. At least it has protein.

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Neither, too much sugar in most jelly and my GF is allergic to peanuts.

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Can it be different types of jelly or just one kind?

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Oh well now I can’t choose. I guess I would go with peanut butter though.

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Definitely peanut butter.

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Are we talking about a kick-ass marmalade? Do I get to put butter on my toast?

Otherwise, give me my fresh ground natural peanut butter. I can do so many things with it—even eat it raw!

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unless it is my Mothers strawberry preserves.

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Peanut butter, hands down.
preferably honey roasted peanut
butter at Whole Foods, or Naturally More.
It’s alot more nutritious,
and I just love it so much.

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You should know better – this is a simple poll question and is frowned upon. The place could easily fill up with “do you prefer this or that” and that would be the end of fluther. I’m not flagging this – but please take it into consideration.


Peanut butter. I don’t like sweet things too much.

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Peanut butter will take you the extra mile everytime plus you always have a snack for later stuck to the roof of your mouth. Love the crunchy kind!

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PB. Peanut butter goes great on just about anything (straight up, bread, crackers, apples, ice cream, chocolate). Jelly’s only use is with peanut butter – and even then it’s hardly welcome.

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Peanut butter, definitely. Although with that kind of fat content, I might not have to live that long with it anyway.

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Oh jeez…either one would give me kidney stones galore. Unless it was grape jelly. So, I choose jelly.

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Peanut butter.

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