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Who do you think is the most badass real life warrior of all and why?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) October 18th, 2011

There is no moral criteria, just war feats, weapons skill and maybe the way he or she dressed up as a warrior.

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The men of the KGB. They do the craziest shit and could kill you in thousands of different ways.

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SAS/SBS followed closely by the IDF tank crews. Who else would face superior numbers of Russian built T-55s and T-62s in obsolete Sherman tanks and win repeatedly.

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Saito Hajime, a famous samurai from the Edo period.

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No one in particular. But although Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets and were actually pretty big on hygiene, I wouldn’t fuck with a guy who’s required to spend 12 years of his life learning to meticulously utilize a two handed axe.

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—Totally waiting for Fiddle’s response. Hahaha.—

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Premodern warfare I would have to go with Genghis Khan and his mongols.

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@zensky Was he real? If not, I get to pick Xena.

Not that she isn’t real or anything…


Me on worse day. Lol.

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@Symbeline I checked – the OP doesn’t mention real or fictitious.

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In their own way I’d have to say U.S. Special Forces, I might be a little biased because my uncle was a Special Forces soldier in Vietnam but for the versatile array of work they do, the tactics they use and the havoc they can wreak with so little it’s hard to not have them high on any list IMO.

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Alexander the Great.

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Miyamoto Musashi.

@zensky It says “real life” right in the title.

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Hard to say, really. I have read about a lot of very badass real-life warriors, and can’t think of a scale for comparative badassery. Jack Churchill captured 140 men with a sword and a set of bagpipes in the same war that Audie Murphy spent hogging machine guns to fling lead hither and yon, while Yakov Pavlov and his men held off all the Germans in Stalingrad for two months.
And that’s by no means all of the badasses in one (admittedly very big) war.

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Anthony Herbert would be tough to beat too. He spent his entire tour in Korea AWOL from his rear echelon duty station so he could be on the front line. Then he was the whistle blower in Vietnam that brought MaiLai to the publics attention.

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