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How to turn down my neighbor with no hard feelings?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) October 18th, 2011

Wasn’t sure how to word this question… A neighbor of mine is teaching an improv comedy class. She’s been talking it up trying to get people to register, and basically expects everyone she’s talked to to sign up.

I’ve done my fair share of improv comedy, and I really hate doing it. If it was free, I’d go to support her. As it is, I’m sure as hell not paying a bunch of money to do something I don’t want to do.

The teacher knows that I make my own schedule so being “busy” on that night will be tricky. I’d rather not lie. What can I tell her to not hurt her feelings? She’s convinced that her class is embarrassment-free so she won’t accept that excuse.


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Why care about her feelings? Just tell her you are too busy and don’t feel like doing it.

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Tell her it’s just not your thing but you hope she has a blast.

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Tell her what you told us. You’ve tried it and you hate it. You don’t need to give any other reason. If she presses you further, you have bigger problems than saying no to this woman.

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“I really appreciate you thinking of me, and I really love the idea of improv- but I’ve tried it and it’s just not my thing. I will definitly spread the word though, keep me posted on how it goes- I’m sure you’re going to have a great turn out.”

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Tell her the truth. “No, thank you. I can’t afford it right now.”

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I’d rather spend my money on something else and I am uber busy. I really will not be able to make it.

Anyone who pushes for stuff like this and can’t take your no as a simple answer and leave it at that is a pain in the arse to me. If they can’t respect your answer, I highly doubt it is hurting their feelings.

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Just because she wants you to do it doesn’t mean she’s actually entitled to your attendance. Just say no!!! The fact that it cost money is good enough!

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“Thanks for letting me know about this. I’m sorry, but I’m just not interested in taking the class.” Money aside, how you spend your free time is absolutely your call. Nobody tells me how to spend mine. You don’t owe this person a reason for not doing what she wants you to do. If she’s insensitive enough to push, you oughtn’t to have to worry too much about her hurt feelings.

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You will feel ten feet tall and as light as a feather after hearing your voice tell her in your own way thanks but no thanks.

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You’ve tried it. Maybe had enough of it. Maybe you are looking for something different. I’m with @smilingheart1. Just say it in your own words, with a friendly smile and a firm tone in your voice.

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Damn, sounds fun, can I go in your place? lol

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“Sorry, I prefer stand-up over improv.” And then you walk away immediately, as her face explodes into rage that stand-up would ever be called better than improv….

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I would have no problem telling her that I’m just not interested in doing it right now but I wish her success with it. Let the chips falls where they may. I don’t lie.

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