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Can it be unhealthy to eat too many vegetables or fruit?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) October 18th, 2011 from iPhone

For someone going on a diet, could it ever be unhealthy to eat too many vegetables or fruit? I mean could eating too many vegetables or fruit cause someone to gain weight?

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Use common sense and eat a balance of complex carbs., beans and lentils, vegetables without limit and some fruit (which has sugar)

I can’t imagine overdosing on brown rice and brocolli, but what do I know?

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If you eat 100,000 carrots…

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I saw this episode of Dr Oz where a group of people went on the zoo diet. They were each fed 11 pounds of fruit & veggies per day. Each one of them lost weight.

Apparently, if they are raw, you will lose weight.

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I gain weight if I’m not careful with my fruit. It’s calories in, calories out. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of low calorie high volume foods. They are much better than say, peanut butter for losing weight.
Since I weigh 130 lbs, I can’t lose or even maintain my weight if I go over around 1300 calories a day (unless I exercise and burn extra calories. ) a person who weighs more to begin with can get away with more calories and still lose weight, but as they weigh less their body will require fewer calories to maintain their weight.

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Too much of anything is unhealthy…as they say.

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Be careful about fruits. Fruits have fructose which is a simple sugar and can readily be converted to fat. Most body builders avoid fruit much of the time for this reason. I think you are fine on veggies… for example an entire bag of carrots from trader joe’s has something like 280 calories… for the whole bag. Now if you eat each one smothered in ranch, well…

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If you eat fruit in reasonable moderation and vegetables as you please, it’s hard to eat enough to gain weight. But you need some protein to stay healthy. Make sure if you go in that direction that you select a well-balanced vegan or vegetarian diet that ensures sufficient protein for human health. We aren’t designed like cows. We evolved as hunter gatherers, and that imposes certain needs on us that herbivores don’t share.

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Does too many mean only? Are you also eating grains, meat, dairy?

Calories work like this, if you eat too many for the day the body stores up the calories. Too much sugar/carbs, the body puts extra into glycogen storage (when runners hit the “wall” thst is when they deplete their glycogen) once your glycogen store is maxed out the rest goes to fat. Same for protein, too many calories of protein, the body converts the protein to fat to stores it up for a future date when you need the calories. It’s a little more complex than that, but that is the basics. If you eat a lot of veggies like corn, high in carbs, and fruit high in sugar, you could surpass your total calorie needs and still gain weight, but it is much harder to do it on just fruits and vegetables. First, most vegetables are extremely low in calories, and second fruit and veg are very fiberous, bulky, so you feel full on many fewer calories.

One down side is some people have a hard time handeling lots of raw veggies, their digestive tracts have trouble. And, as mentioned above you would need to watch for protein dificiency and vitamin dificincy. You can get all your protein on a vegan diet, but just fruit and vegetables might be very difficult.

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If you eat pounds and pounds of just fruit, especially citrus fruit or prunes, it might end with you getting the runs, so you need to balance the fruit with high-fibre veggies as well. Your diet will also need at least some protein and complex carbs if it’s to be a permanent one, so make sure your veggies include pulses, nuts and grains. But otherwise no. You can eat as much as your stomach has capacity for and you’ll be fine.

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Too much of anything is not a good thing for your body. Everything in moderation is best.

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Of course the answer is moderation. If you have health issues like diebetes, renal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis…or if you are taking certain medications, too many fruits and/or vegetables can cause problems.

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Green, leafy vegetables and berries are large sources of oxalate, which if you are sensitive can cause kidney stones. I agree moderation is best.

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BTW, it’s worth knowing that if you avoid fatty dressings, there are fewer calories in fresh spinach than it takes to digest it. So if you eat enough fresh spinach every day, you will eventually loose so much weight you will starve. That kind of bears out @Male‘s warning about excess in anything.

No wonder Popeye always preferred his spinach canned.

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I’ll bet that if you lived on potatoes, avocados and bananas, you could possibly gain weight. But the weight issue aside, it is never good to not eat a balanced diet. Too much of anything can kill you – even water!

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In all aspect too much is bad. If you eat too much. There is a possibility to experience stomach problem.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful answers!

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Like my father says: “Everything in moderation.” I think that too much fruit could give you too much fiber, which helps regulate the balance of glucose in your blood. Too much could Take too much glucose out of your blood and you could get diabetes. ( I guess; I’m no nutritionist…) I don’t know what’ll happen if you eat too many veggies.

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If you are not used to eating lots of fruits and vegetables, you are likely to experience some gassiness. I’m assuming that you wouldn’t just be eating fruits and vegetables, that you will have some source of protein (even if it’s a vegetarian version like tofu, beans, nuts or whole grains) because a healthy diet needs some fat and some protein. Also, if you eat a lot of dried fruit, because the sugar is so concentrated, even though it has a lot of fiber, it has a lot of sugar too, so you need to be careful, so that you don’t over-elevate your blood sugar levels.

Here is a pretty good, straightforward guide to eating healthier. The Mayo Clinic’s Heart Healthy Diet

Here is a similar diet plan to Avoid Diabetes (similar to the heart healthy diet plan, and both should help you to lose weight, while providing you proper nutrition)

And here is a healthy diet plan by Prevention Magazine to Avoid Getting Cancer

Interestingly, all of these diets are quite similar, because they are really about making healthier eating choices. So have a look at them all, and then make yourself a chart so you can make easier to plan out your meals day by day, month by month.

Moderation, is usually your best bet. Cut the amount of calories that you eat on a day to day basis, and add in healthier fruits and vegetables in place of some of the meat and fatty foods and fried foods that you might be eating. Most people in the industrialized world do not get enough fiber, so add foods with fiber to your diet, but do not go overboard by eating only high fiber foods, or else you will be gassy and probably have diarhea.

If you are trying to lose weight, you also need to add some exercise into the mix. And you don’t want to lose weight too rapidly or else that will do a number on your metabolism, that will be hard to fix.

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