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Do you like clouds/cloudy skies as much as I do? Care to share your (preferably self shot) picture of them?

Asked by rebbel (24949points) October 19th, 2011

In the thread on @ANef_is_Enuf’s cloud question some Jellies declared their love of (photographing) clouds.
I am one of them and I alluded there to ask a show-your-cloud-photo question so, here it is.
And here is my contribution shot today.
Wanna show yours?!
A bonus pic, a rainbow (also today, two photos stitched together).

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Wow.. Those are beautiful shots!

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I usually prefer sunrises or sunsets, but those are such amazing shots! I could stare at them for a long time.

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I am a great lover of clouds. Clouds are among those transitory glories that change even as you admire them and will never come again. They are magnificent and they are free.

Spectacular clouds can stop me at the roadside, make me late for appointments, and even, once, send me scrambling to the top of a downtown parking structure so I could get a full-sky view.

I generally don’t have a photographic device at hand at such times. I snap the pictures in my mind.

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I love clouds.

I love to see pictures in clouds.

Sorry, no photos to share.

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When I lived in Fl there would be some clouds in the morning, and then again in the evening much of the time. That’s when I like clouds. Midday I want clear blue skies.

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I get depressed if we have an entire week of sunshine and no cloudy days. I love clouds, rain, fog and snow.

These were taken the day Joplin, Missouri was hit by a large tornado (we live in western Illinois)


This was taken recently.

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I LURVE clouds.

Freakin lurve the hell out of them.

Those are some fairly recent shots.

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I love looking at clouds and I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. There are some great pictures of clouds on their website.

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one of my favorites. I love it when the sky is so bright pink and blue just before the dark sets in.

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I love this because of the sea and clouds and people all of it together makes a cool shot. taken at panama city beach, fl

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Thanks for the appreciative words!
And thank you too for posting great clouds @YARNLADY: those look very spooky, yet beautiful @jonsblond: what a fan-tas-tic photo, that sky on fire @judochop and @gravity: thank you too for those beauties and @flutherother: thank you for the link, I will add it to my favorites and start reading it tomorrow @Anef_is_Enuf: yours I will watch after I typed the last word…, thank you too!

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@ANef is Enuf I love this
it reminds me a bit of your #5 favorites… I took it on Fort Rucker on a dirt road to a lake.

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