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If you could only get one Fluther reward, what would it be?

Asked by saint (3972points) October 19th, 2011

I just got the Perfecto-Fish reward. I have no clue what that means. But there is just something really interesting about the words “Perfecto-Fish”
Is there a way to keep getting that reward over and over again?

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@saint There is, but if I told you on here I’d have to [CIA redacted]

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Jules Verne

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The only one I can’t get (that I’m aware of) is naturally the one I lust after: The Old Timer.

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The one I worked my arse off for before the awards machine got broken.:(

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I want the Old Timer award too and can’t get it. Hmmpff.
How I got the perfecto fish is beyond me. It must not have anything to do with spelling because I’m a terrible speller. Or is that spellor?

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I am still waiting for a few. Things like the attendance based awards. Oh and the Jules Verne AND the Robot Crush, Oliver Twist and Old Timer too.

I can’t pick one. Sorry. I am greedy.

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I’m proudest of my Sunken Treasure awards—Asked a question that got 14 Great Questions.

And I’m not talking about asking the celebratory questions for someone making 10k or 20k, etc. I’m talking about asking regular questions that earn 14 GQs. To me, that’s a great achievement.

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Best in bed.

Wait that’s not in here. I’ve always liked the Exhibitionist. Has a naughty ring to it.

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Robot Crush.
Can we still get that one?

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If they ever offer a dinner date with @Jeruba as an award I’d be honored to receive it.

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Oh wow, I just received the Pilgrim award! (And I know how I did so, though I wasn’t trying!)

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I must be on at least day 65 of my 30 days consecutive log-in waiting for that elusive channel crosser.

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Just a heads up… Robot Crush and the attendance awards don’t work right now. Sorry guys!

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Is there an award that gets you chocolate cake? With fudge filling and marshmallow frosting? And M&M’s?

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I think I would say Cake in the Frizzer or Pilgrim – because they’re the most intriguing. But I already have those. :P

Now, of course, I want all the ones that I’m told I can never have… isn’t it always the way?

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I really like my Frizzer award. =0)

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Robot Crush.

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