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Do you have any advice on marketing a store on Etsy or a similar website?

Asked by Mariah (25829points) October 19th, 2011

I’m trying to sell jewelry in an online shop on a website similar to Etsy, but I don’t think my shop is getting any traffic. Any ideas on how to market it?

My sister suggested advertising it on Twitter, but then I run into the problem of not knowing how to get people to find me on Twitter, and it just feels like an endless chain of advertising!

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Use Facebook and other social networking sites to cross-promote your online store. Offer some special items on Facebook and ask your friends to cross-post for you. You can even offer a special drawing for one of your items for people who “Like” your page by throwing their name into the hat.

Would you care posting your store’s website here?

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A) Post a link to your shop on your profile here and on FB.
B) Ask all of your friends if they can help get the word out on their own FB/twitter accounts.
C) Send me the link and I will share it on FB, too.

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Etsy has all kinds of free advertising advice written by staff, including several newsletters you can sign up for that are sent out every week. There’s much more on the site as well, including interviews with the site’s top sellers who are quite successful. I imagine a certain amount of this advice can be applied beyond their specific site. There are also sellers there who sell Etsy marketing ebooks for relatively small amounts of money, like $10.

Have you looked around online or in your area for industry groups? Say, an entrepreneurship club, univeristy business society, chamber of commerce group or the like that would have mentors or advice? Does your church/temple/mosque etc. have any such groups? Are there specific groups for youth/women/<insert your subgroups here> where people could help get the word out in your community and/or give you advice?

Here in the UK I know that the JobCentre job agencies also have a list of entrepreneurship resources on file to link you up to business groups and government grants. Maybe there’s something like that in your area that could help? If not, call city hall and ask.

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Thanks guys! The link is already in my Fluther profile. And thanks so much, Auggie, for your offer to share it on facebook! I feel like maybe I should list more products before you do that, though. I only have four up right now. Hmmm…. I feel like such a noob with this.

Maybe I could offer a 10% discount to anybody who posts the link on facebook or twitter? I don’t want to be obnoxious, buuuuuut it seems like it could be useful…

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@Mariah Go for it. I plan on advertising the hell out of my shop when I open it. That’s how you make money and gain a clientele!

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@Mariah I’ve promoted friend’s sites several times on FB, and never needed a discount to do it. If we were FB friends, and you posted a link that showed up in my feed, I’d automatically re-post it for you. I bet many of your friends will do the same. What are friends for? <3

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