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What is the most unusual food you've eaten?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) May 11th, 2008 from iPhone

While travelling in Peru, back in the 80’s, before I was a vegetarian, I had Guinea Pig. And yes, it was nasty.

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I don’t know how weird this is, but I absolutely love foie gras. According to Wikipedia it is “the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavage” It is delicious! I could it it all day!

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In Israel I ate skewered and grilled rooster testicles. Can’t say I would ever eat them again.

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WIld boar brains in Hungary…ick, and I typically like organ meats.

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Fried dog in soy sauce and Milk Bone brand dog biscuits. Absolutely delicious. Rowff!

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I just remembered that I used to eat dog jerky treats when I was little, but who didn’t?

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Dog jerky treats are a staple of childhood diets. Any kid who didn’t eat them wasn’t raised right! Arff!

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That reminds me… would you include foods that were eaten accidentally?

When I was 6, I was in the habit of eating food off the floor. (The floor was much closer then.) One day I picked up what I thought was a raisin and ate it… but it turned out that it was cat food! Yeah. Gross. I barfed.

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chicken feet, peanuts, and chili peppers….we were way out in no-man’s-land in the Sichuan province in China, and not a soul in the restaurant spoke English. Usually there are pictures on the menu by the food, but alas, not here…so we got out our guide book and tried to match up the characters in the back of the book with menu items, and thought we had successfully ordered chicken with peanuts….whoa.

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Many will argue that the food I grew up with is unusual , aside from that, I’d have to go with camel steak I had in Tunisia – it was lovely though! And with dessert being an Irish coffee with flambéed whiskey, it was quite a treat.

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Whiskey and Camel! The hump is a delicacy and goes well with Sour Mash Whiskey, though some connoisseurs say a Bourbon is also acceptable.

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Irish coffee is the only way I’ll drink whiskey…...and it has to be Scotch or Whiskey (Bushmills, Jameson, Bell’s will all do)

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Aye, lass! Have you any use for Baileys? Is it legal to eat Camel? In most of the world dining on dog is fast becoming illegal. Rowff!

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well I’m pretty sure it’s legal in Tunisia, or at least was back then (‘96), since it was a very decent restaurant that served it….
Have to admit though, as nice as it was, it didn’t come close to reindeer or whale steak.

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Are those endangered species? In Thailand, we ate cat, which was legal at the time. Tasted alot like chicken. Best served with rice wine.

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nope….pilot whales are not endangered and only come that close to land when there’s insufficient food further out at sea…..if you don’t catch them and eat them, chances are they’ll do a ‘landing’ themselves – almost a suicide mission.
(btw, me and greenpeace don’t see eye-to-eye…..and don’t get me started on Sea Shepherd, he’s just an ”#∞€%#€&)

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What do you make of that huge mass of discarded plastic items circling out in the middle of the Atlantic? Seems kind of like the debris in orbit, just moving alot slower. It seems like it would be an alien environment either way. What a strange world we live in. Today my coworker told me that 3 of her friends were working at the top-secret UFO base in Nevada at Area 51, & they strayed off the path into an unmarked dangerous area & were all irradiated & are now all on dialysis. Killed by government UFO experiments? Boating on a plastic ocean? Space vehicle punctured by an old astronaut glove travelling at 25000 kilometers per hour? Eating Camel with whiskey or Cat with Sake? We all created a very strange world!

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There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing wildlife caught in it (<- not for the squeamish )
I have a feeling it’s one of the reasons there’s fewer seasonal birds making their way to the Faroe Islands each year (which is a shame because many of them taste really good)

But you’re right… odd world indeed – although some are more pre-occupied with aliens than others…

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Actually that would make a good Fluther question – “Why do some people become so preoccupied with aliens”, but I myself can’t ask that question (though you could) because people would suspect my motives. Yet, if there are aliens, they would most likely be very preoccupied with us… or would they? They might not even care about us!

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I reckon they got as far as the space debris and turned back – figuring it’s not very nice and clean place for their vacation….
What is it with your pre-occupation with these creatures? And do you think they’d be more like animals or humans? And if like animals, what do you think they’d taste like? (trying to stay on topic here).

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…perhaps like the top of a nine volt battery

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I’m gonna take your word for what that tastes like…...

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peedub is correct. To see if a 9 volt battery has a charge, wildflower, you can touch your tongue to both battery terminals at once. You will feel a little tingle, not unlike shrubophilia, if the battery still has a charge. It’s sort of an aluminum-cheap-whiskey taste & most likely similar to the flavor of aliens.

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That’s a lovely visual there psyla….....I’m still just gonna read the review on this one and take both your words for it :)

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peedub is not participating in the other discussion about interspecies erotica. Please add your comments, peedub, to “Why does everyone feel compelled to talk about sexual preference…” There’s several comments in there about beaks.

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As long as you keep wearing your tin-foil hat psyla, I’m sure you’ll be safe from diving space monsters with sharp beaks….

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I’ve eating my words a few times and they tasted like birdseed, kaw, kaww.

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Silk Worms, Korean BBQ place

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Korean BBQ place? What about the time machine?

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i’ve had octopus once

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I ate termite in Belize (tastes like spearmint).

I carefully avoided eating a dish in Lac Xoa, Laos that consisted of raw pork marinated in hot peppers.

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Chocolate covered grasshoppers and chocolate covered ants and/or durian fruit.

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Horse meat steak; hosts told us after dinner was over.We thought it was beef cooked in a particularly delicious French sauce.

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i had ant-fried rice in thailand…near where i volunteering, my neighbor was eating it and offered it to us. It was a “ill do it if you do it” moment. luckilly I had a beer to chase it, I could feel the ant legs.

got photos on my website –

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I had snails in Paris. Not great , but the wine helped to hide the taste.

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Escargot, French snails! Regular beach snails called Periwinkles are also delicious. You poke them out with a common sewing needle & eat them off the needle.

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Mountain oysters. Calf fries. What ever you call them they are in actuality bull testicles and they are delish!

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Here in Nevada, mountain oysters are called Alien Cattle Mutilation Cheese Puffs.

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jellyfish. does that make me a cannibal?

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A Swedish specialty called sour herring. Which is, essentially, rotten herrings:

And I must say, I’m loving it. Once I eat sour herring that had passed the ‘best before’ date with 2 years. That was rotten, rotten herring.

It’s said to be good for your stomach, and intestinal flora.

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@Makemo; That’s worth part of the Wikipedia description. Have you tried eating it underwater? (Have you written your will?)

“Surströmming (“soured (Baltic) herring”) is a northern Swedish delicacy consisting of fermented Baltic herring. Surströmming is sold in cans, which when opened release a strong smell.

Because of the smell, the dish is often eaten outdoors. However, opening the can under water or inside a plastic bag, somewhat lessens the smell, as well as prevents the person opening it from being soaked in brine, as the fermentation often builds up a considerable pressure inside the can.”

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