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What UK translation agencies have regular work?

Asked by Yanaba (692points) October 19th, 2011

I am a person with a little training in a lot of areas, one of which is French translation. I haven’t done it much in the last few years, but before that I did it for a few years working for charities and government.

Recently after moving to Europe, I decided I would like to try to make a go of it doing freelance work, but the one agency I’m with here doesn’t have regular work for the Fr>Eng language pair. Does anyone know of any reputable agencies that pay in UK pounds or at least Euros that have regular work for Fr>Eng? Any advice about making a living doing it, because the rates they seem to pay in the UK are often really low? I don’t want to have to pay them to register.

And lastly, what sites do you use when you’re stumped on a word or phrase and need an answer quickly? Thanks in advance!

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Just to clarify, agencies outside the UK are ok too, but to be viable they would have to pay decently because I have to eat in pounds….and the exchange rate of almost every currency going into pounds is pretty unfavourable. :p

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My missus works for Metrica. Very low rate of pay, I think 80p per article, but it can work out if you’re extremely good in two languages – i.e. 10 short articles takes you an hour to translate and evaluate, earning you £8 an hour. Of course this depends on how many articles you get sent – I’d say French would be a popular language, but also many people already signed up. My wife does this to supplement her income, but as she gets very few articles in Japanese, it’s not really worthe her while. French might be a different story, however.

Note: You wouldn’t have to translate the article, rather you’d read it and summarise in English, evaluating whether it was positive/negative etc. Therefore 6 minutes per article isn’t that daunting a task, so long as they are quite short.

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