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Will technical problems on my banks website and toll free number effect my direct deposit due today?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) October 20th, 2011

It’s usually there by now and I can’t check my balance.

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Technical problems on your banks system may affect processing of your deposit. Technical problems on your banks website will disable you to access their system so you can’t check your balance but it does not mean that your deposit did not go through. Wait until the systems are up and check your balance. Also, banks usually have time outs for maintenance purposes.

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Typically a bank pulls down their systems at night for the processing of the transactions. Even if you are unable to access you account online or by phone it just usually means that their backup system isn’t working properly to check the balances. When the systems come up in the morning which is usally around 7 am or earlier on weekdays, weekends could be later. This has no effect on your direct deposit being processed correctly. I would if the systems are not up by morning give their call center a call and speak to an actual person and just ask them if their systems are up and if your direct deposit went in. Good Luck

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Very unlikely that this will affect your actual money being processed, but I suppose it’s slightly possible given that the direct deposit is electronic. These systems are probably being maintained, or failing that even if there is a problem it is in a different “silo” than the processing systems themselves. Otherwise, the bank would lose a lot of money and customers every time this happened. You are most likely fine, and the displays totals are just not being updated properly right at the moment.

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The website system is different than the direct deposit system. You won’t be able to check it, but it SHOULD be there. When my banks website goes down, everything runs as normal, as I can tell once the banks site goes live again.

Also, usually, your payroll department can tell you if it’s in or not, ask them.

ALSO ALSO :) Payroll usually submits direct deposit days before it’s due (our company does the transaction on Monday or Tuesday for a Friday deposit), so even if your banks system did go down, they probably received it earlier in the week if your payroll dept. is on top of things.

This is one good reason for owning a credit card. Since you are unsure, you can use the credit card until you can get online and bank again. Then once you’ve confirmed your checking status, you can make a payment to the credit card for the amount that you spent. Just like if you spent it from your bank account to begin with!

Good luck.

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No, the deposit will be there, you just won’t be able to access it online. If you need access, call the bank and ask them.

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@YARNLADY If I’m reading the question correctly, the phone number also isn’t working . . .

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