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What kind of computer do you use?

Asked by Spallybob1232 (158points) October 20th, 2011

Do you use a Mac computer? Dell? HP? Intel? Toshiba? What is your opinion on what you have and use? Which kind do you prefer?

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Right now, I’m using an Dell. At home, I use Microsoft.

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I’m a .NET developer so I run Windows at work and at home.

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I run Windows XP on a six-year-old desktop made from off-the-shelf parts. I’ve replaced the HD and RAM, and installed a DVD drive and graphics card.

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Got an assortment here. Usually I fluther on a linux box built about three years ago with goals of low-power and big capacity (photos!). It has 4TB of drives that lower their speed then turn off when idling, and the processor is relatively low-power dual-core AMD brisbane.

Sometimes I use a Shuttle that I recently rebuilt with a new SolidStateDrive (fast!) and Windows 7.

We have a few Macs around, some old some new’ish.

Occasionally I’ll be online on an ASUS transformer tablet, very portable!

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I run a hackintosh that is parts I got from newegg that I put OS X on. And I have a iMac. pic

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on a desktop, a Dell Opti745 with WinXPP-SP3 OS. . . . bedside I use an IPad.. . . when mobile, a Blackberry PlayBook.

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Compaq running Windows Vista.

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I have an ipad and a dell. Both have problems.

Overall I really like my ipad because it is lightweight, but feels well made, and it works well, with only a few glitches. It started getting glitches after a particular upgrade. I have even wiped it and done the newest upgrade and it still has the glitches.

My Dell, well I am pretty sure I would not buy Dell again, unless it went through a big overhaul.

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It rhymes with fucktard hell.

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Mac Book Pro with an OLD Dell Opti with as secondary ( 7 years old ).

Mobile I use a Droid 2 Global.

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I have a Gateway 500XL, which is about 9 years old. Its OS is Windows Home XP.
I had to have the power supply replaced about 3 years ago.

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I have Sony Vaio laptop. Windows 7, home basic (special edition).
At home, we use Compaq desktop. Windows XP.

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Gateway Core i3 desktop, Toshiba laptop, and a Droid X. All of them treat me well.

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Oh Jeez. I can’t remember it’s name. It’s that kind—you’ve seen them—that is powered by hamsters running on a wheel?

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A desktop I made from scratch buying what I needed for it.

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MacBook Pro.

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Mine’s a PC, not branded. It’s cheaper to buy the individual components and put it together yourself. (Well, I don;t do it. My partner does).

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My desktop is runs Windoze 7. I prefer Linux, but it’s a fairly new computer that came with Windoze 7 pre-installed, and I just didn’t want to throw it away as it is pretty slick and nifty.

I have an older HP laptop that came with XP. I replaced XP with Linux years ago when I got tired of it taking a half hour just to boot to the desktop (never mind actually stabilizing to where I can actually launch anything and use it).

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I have a Dell Inspiron One and I use Windows 7. I like it a lot. I also have 2 Dell laptops. One is running on Windows 7 and the other on Vista.

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Sony VAIO…Currently I’m shopping for a new one.

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My main computer these days was made by Puget Systems. On it I run both Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 11.04. I like it a lot. Essentially no problems, quiet, fast, everything I wanted. Puget Systems does the best job I’ve ever seen of making a good custom machine, and they are sensitive to people like me who like quiet or even silent computers. They gave me great customer support and advice both before and after the sale.

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I am on an old HP running Windows XP. It’s just this side of a fax machine.

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My laptop Asus is runs linux (ubuntu) and desktop have Win XP. For me this is enough.

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@RedCode welcome on Fluther ^^

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