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Do you talk crap about your ex?

Asked by OliviaYR (241points) October 20th, 2011

So quite often, I hear my friends talk crap about their ex. Yes, not going to lie, I have done that, too, but do you think that’s just what we do? Do we do that to make ourselves or whoever we are talking to feel better about ourselves/themselves? Even if your relationship ended on a good note?

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No. Very rarely. Most of the women I have been with were great, I think of them fondly, even if it didn’t end well.

When I catch myself doing it, I feel kind of small.

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My last ex is my best friend so, no, likewise with several other ex’s. The ones that didn’t end quite so well, if asked I say what I think but without malice (and nothing I’d have to say is actually that bad to be honest). Otherwise, it’s past, we tried – it didn’t work; I see the no point in belittling them.

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Yes, but only in front of her. : )

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I have to admit I do on occasion.

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Not anymore, she’s not worth the thoughts.

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Only to them, when they deserve it.
I’m friends with all of my exes. I haven’t really has a really bad breakup, though.

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Only when someone ask me, otherwise, no need to talk about ex.

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I am still in love with my ex (expect I always will be). This has a number of implications about what I say about her. Among close friends I will be fairly open about the sense of a permanent connection. Others, who don’t really know us or never witnessed the nature of our relationship, well, I don’t need to tell them about her . .

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and do you all/does any of you wonder if your ex is talking crap about you?

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I just assume women are always talking about me :)

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Most of them are fond memories, but one of my exes stalked me after the breakup and broke into my place, which makes him an asshat. When our mutual friends asked why I moved and changed my number, I was straightforward about it.

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I have never done it with any of my ex-girlfriends ever. Except my ex-wife. I don’t bring her up in conversation, but I am honest about her behavior when asked. My friends are all aware of truth about her, I am not exaggerating or spreading dirt that isn’t already out there.

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I’ll bitch about her when she’s done something to irk me, but only to close friends and not those who are still friendly with both us, and only for 5 minutes until I’ve got it off my chest. On the whole, I wish her a happy, pleasant life.

Just not with me

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