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Will Gadaffi's death really make a difference in Libya? Will the Arab Spring make a difference anywhere?

Asked by saint (3972points) October 20th, 2011

Have you ever been to Middle East, and their Islamic annex in N Africa and the Horn? I have. And while there are certainly individual exceptions to what I have to say, in general, those folks know precisely nothing about the effort, discipline and mutual understanding that it takes to establish and maintain institutions that respect the sovereignty of the individual (what the US founders called liberty). Everybody thinks that Gadaffi’s death is a great milestone. In one sense, it is. But he will simply be replaced by another despot. Isn’t it a bit naive for Westerners to think that something wonderful has just happened?

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edit :: fuck it. you are not worth my time.

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Real nice. Rest assured-I don’t share your sentiment.

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Really? You spent a lot of time there? What’s an “Islamic annex”?

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I’m keeping my fingers crossed those different Libyan factions would cut a deal and not choose fighting for dominance.

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@johnpowell what was that?

@saint I think we can’t celebrate just yet. This first year will be crucial. The nation and state is at it’s most vulnerable right now. As free as it may feel, it is at this time that the state is most open to outside influence or even negative internal influence. I have my fingers crossed but I fear the worst.

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I agree with saint, look at the mess in Iraq: a Tyrant was removed and killed eventually .The USA and UK spent millions if not billions on the Iraq War, Veterans suffered combat stress, PTSD, and horrific injuries , some committed suicide, those who returned returned home, as with all returning Veterans, most received very little Government Aid.Many questioned why they were sent their in the first place.Is Iraq a very different place today?I really don’t think military intervention by the USA and UK, who seem to be the 2 Countries most likely to get involved in other Countries conflicts and wars, does as much good as to justify constant Military intervention and the USA seems to be increasing not decreasing it’s Military Intervention in Countries.Wouldn’t the money be better spent on healing the economic and social problems in their own Countries first and leading by example?Then offering their resolutions to troubled Countries Citizens so they could resolve things themselves?

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@saint I love how you feel qualified to generalize about the cultures of half a billion people.

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That’s just low coming out of a person who really thinks they’re very informed about a whole continent.

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Do you know how many people died trying to protect their country and their families?

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Please feel free to act upon that.
They ended the current entropy going on, and I consider this as a starter attempt for major change and improvement. And for us to not appreciate that would just make it seem like a vain attempt.
Support is the key term here.

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