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How to adjust the blocking setting in Windows Local/Group security policy?

Asked by zhujunxu (1points) October 20th, 2011

I cannot get access to certain website (absolutely none adult site) from my Windows 7 laptop.
What is the blocking mechanism I should adjust other than those in IE settings (I have tried)?
It is not blocked in hosts file nor in IE blocking setting.
I guess it is a matter of local/Group security setting? Need help.

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How are you accessing the internet… Hotspot, your own internet service, work internet? are you ising wireless or wired connection? Are the blocked sites social media sites?

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Personal machine or a work machine? Is this at work or all the time? Are the blocked sites also blocked from co-workers’ machines or just yours?

Things that sap productivity like Twitter and Weibo are often blocked without the need for them to be adult sites. Is that the case here?

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