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How much should you pay a friend for a service they rendered you?

Asked by Paradox1 (1179points) October 21st, 2011

I’ve had a friend design a website for me.
He’s in web design part time for himself, and he said this project took him about 5 hours. Now normally he would charge around $200—$250 for client work but would charge me less. I asked him about payment and he was under the impression he was doing this as a favor. I am certainly grateful, but I know he is somewhat struggling financially to find adequate work to support himself, and I know he dropped everything he was doing to help me with this as I needed a fast turnaround.

We were roommates and still remain good friends.

My question is what is appropriate amount to pay him? Keep in mind this is a business expense so tax-wise it is written off. I really would like to pay him something for his time (or maybe get him a gift?), but I also understand maybe he would like to do this as a favor for me based on our friendship.
What do you think?

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If you can afford it, I would say go ahead and pay him the full amount. If he argues just say that you’re paying him half his normal rate, plus a big premium for fast turnaround. Tell him your business needs to keep assets like him onside ;)

If money is tight, I would say $15 an hour or $75 is a decent minimum, plus buy him a drink next time you go out. You could also offer to pass his name to your networks as a way of saying partial thanks too.

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Is there no favor you could repay him with?
What are your skills or contacts? Sounds like he needs a job.

Think outside the square, all favors needn’t be re-payed financially or materially.

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If you can afford it, I’d pay the full amount too. If he’s struggling financially, it’ll come in very handy for him.

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Pay the full amount. It sounds like a win-win situation.

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If you can, pay the full amount, it will only strengthen your friendship.

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I agree with everyone who has posted already. I have a friend who did a big favour for me and proofread my thesis (only someone who loves you will do this). She didn’t want to take any money for her time so I put $200 on a shopping centre card for her and put it in a thank you card and posted it to her (registered post of course).

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If you know he needs the money and you can afford it I’d say pay him the most you can. I understand he is your friend but help him and he’ll be grateful later.
You know .. one hand washes the other. [forget the face here]

Help him and you help yourself .. you’ll feel really good.

There’s always the “I won’t take your money because you are my friend and I did it because of this”. Don’t accept it. No good deed should remain without a form of reward [of some sort].

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I vote for finding a way to get the moolah to your friend whether it be in cash, gift certificates, tickets for a game, an actual gift or a dinner out. We all love personal notes of thanks as well!

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I would have guessed about $250. but since that’s what he normally charges then I’d get him a gift instead to the equivalent of $100. My first choice would be a gift card to a good surf & turf restaurant, a Trader Joe’s gift card or a gift card to a movie chain.

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