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About how much time do you spend on Facebook everyday?

Asked by Spallybob1232 (158points) October 21st, 2011

I honestly don’t spend too much time on Facebook. If I am on there I’m just messaging my buddies but, I would like to see how much of other people’s times is spent using the website called Facebook. If you do spend your time on it, what do you do on it? Games? Chat? Just going through and liking all the status’
of your friends?

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Combined? .... 10–15 minutes.

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Half an hour.

The last two months it has been a little more because I am planning a reunion. I created the group, so I put in updates, and I have been searching for people using facebook. But, never more than an hour total, and that has been a couple times a week to specifically focus on the reunion.

I used to play wordscraper on facebook, and then I used to spend much more time, maybe 2–3 hours a day, and that was before fluther also.

I mostly just make a status update or two, check out what other people have posted as their status, but I only look at what is on my page when I first open up facebook; I almost never look back further than that. I very rarely go to someone elses profile page to see what they are doing. The only time I see someones profilepage is when I first friend them.

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None! I’ve never even had an account.

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I spend about an hour a day. I alternate between Fluther and Facebook.

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My Facebook is open pretty much 24 hours a day, particularly now that it’s automatically logged in on my phone.
All of your questions feel a little bit like market research, if that’s not what you do for a living, maybe you should consider it.

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Sometimes I don’t log in at all. Other days, I can spend an hour+ on Facebook (that’s combined time – logging in and out to check messages and whatnot)

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I don’t have an Fb account, but I spend an average of about a minute a day there, because my wife does have one.

I go there out of curiosity and to sometimes help her get rid of unwanted “friends”.

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3 minutes a day. I am afraid of getting sucked into the vortex.

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About five minutes a week.

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I have an account but have never persued even the basics of facebook-ing. Is there a jiffy tutorial?

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Less and less everyday. It just doesn’t interest me like it used to.

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Ten minutes a month—maybe. There’s nothing there for me.

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5 minutes in a week, or two.

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Half an hour at most but that’s over the course of the day.

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I have an account, but I only go there when a friend pokes me or sends me a message. I lot of former ABusers landed there, and I participate in the Q&A there sometimes. But FB isn’t really optimized for Q&A so it doesn’t really work that well.

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No time at all. I don’t use Facebook.

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Never been there, no plans to go there.

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Approximately 24 hours per day. With Twitter open in a new tab.. almost 23 hours per day?

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Usually <1 minute. I’ve been considering closing my account. I really have never found a use for FB.

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About 2 minutes maximum – if at all – in a day.
I pretty much only sign in if someone told me they sent me something (like a link or a video) they thought I’d like, or sent me a message on there (in lieu of email/letters/phone calls), but that’s about it.
I just don’t find it remotely interesting, and I think the format the whole website is in (and has been, even before the most recent ‘improvement’) is awful.
I’ve been thinking about deleting, but have been holding off because I have a lot of pictures saved there and whatnot. Also I started a fan page for “Conor Oberst’s teeth” like two years ago and I still think it’s hilarious and want my name associated with it forever.

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I check into my accounts every other day and spend about 5–10 minutes depending on if I’m interrupted on my side of the screen or not. I like fb for keeping me up to date on what my family is doing, seeing pictures of people I don’t get to see in person except every decade, maybe.

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0 seconds per week. I had an account made by a friend but I did not like it.

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It’s a miracle if I’m on there for fifteen minutes a week.

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Like @downtide less than fifteen minutes a week. It’s rather funny how Facebook used to be so important now it isn’t.

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I can admit Facebook has changed a great bit over the years.. many people don’t like it anymore. Maybe that’s why it’s not so important anymore.

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Just enough time to not like everything ridiculous that others seem to take for granted like “I Like Pink Ping-Pong Balls” et al.

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I spend 10 minutes for my current day business status updates

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