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Would I get expelled for...

Asked by cage (3117points) May 12th, 2008

making a facebook group about one of my college teachers called “we all hate blah blah blah”?

And if I did, would it be justified?

(and yes it IS her!)

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Probably not but I don’t think it would bodes well for your grade in that class and possibly others. Who knows what other professors this person is friends with.

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It would make you look like a wiener. I wouldn’t suggest it. And what do you get out of it? Nothing.

You can be that smart ass that made a fart joke. You won’t change anything besides pissing off the person you want to hurt. You will only fuck yourself over.

Grow up.

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More than likely nothing will happen at all, and as johnpowell said it doesn’t really make you look very good. Potentially (in an absolute worst case scenario) the following could happen:

The group references to false events or actions or exaggerates events or actions that took place against the teacher with little or no evidence, and the teacher presses charges against you or others for slander.

The college contacts Facebook asking them to remove the group and then takes disciplinary action against you for inciting hate.

Facebook removes the group and bans your account for violating their terms of service at

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I guess the mature thing to do would be to write a letter to your college about her, and then get other people who don’t like her to do it too. But I couldn’t really be bothered with that personally. Bad teachers will be bad teachers and there isn’t really much we can do about it no matter how hard we try.

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@ peedub
It’s two weeks form the end of the year anyway, so my grades aren’t gonna slip

@john powell
I’d get a laugh out of it? and so would my mates?
And I don’t want to change anything, you’re right I will piss her off, that’ the point!

shame I’m not mature then isn’t it! lol

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@cage: Clearly :) Good luck with her. But don’t make that group.

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It is kinda like telling your old boss to “fuck off.” I have done that and it can come can back to bite you in the ass. Bite your tongue,

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someone made a group like that for one of my professors. nothing bad happened but I’m pretty sure he still doesn’t know what the internet is.

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@JP- bite your ass, bite your tongue, jeez, perhaps these turns of phrase should be kept in a more adult discussion…

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Also, @asker, don’t do it. My friend did that to some school administrators and got in a lot more trouble than it was worth. Also, BANNED FROM FACEBOOK?! I shudder at the thought… (Just kidding, but seriously, who would want that?)

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Get over it. Go study, don’t waste your time seeking revenge “cage”. It really isnt worth it, trust me. Its not even funny! But I guess you and your “MATES” have different humor. You’re In college…. Right??

EDIT; havent you heard of ??? You don’t need to make a facebook to humiliate her- just go on there.

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ditto to TheHaight. Adding to that, have you considered what authorities have access to what you are considering doing? If you go into any issues that would hold up to defamation, you could find yourself in hot water, and don’t think that you can’t be traced. Future employers and academic endeavors (if you have any) can also discover that you were the perpetrator and lock doors for you when you have matured a bit.

What you don’t is seem to realize is that, good or bad experience, college is meant to be a learning experience for life. In life you will run into people who will challenge you in many ways and your success depends on whether you have the integrity to meet that. There are many reasons that you may find your prof a looser, some being on your shoulders, others hers, but even if she has absolutely NO redeeming values, you can learn from that and it will help you deal with the outside world in a better way for both you and those around you. Has it even dawned on you that there are enough sad, hateful things in this world that you might not want to add to it personally? Try being a little selfless instead and go at things in a more positive way, like others such as richardhenry have suggested? It may or may not help the individual situation, but if you don’t give it a chance, how will you know or how will the administration know?
Besides, it will help you vent and to the right people, that’s good as well. Just be prepared and specific as to why you think she is so rotten and maybe suggest what you think she might do to improve how she is instructing.

I have a very wise older brother who was a VP of a major company before he retired. When I was first starting out and complained to him about a boss, he gave me some very sage advice. Part of what he said I have included above, but the most valuable thing he told me was that if you are powerless to change something, make a note of what bothered you so much and file it away. Think of how it felt and promise yourself that you will never, ever do the same thing to someone who you have power over making some other human that miserable.

Yet another thing to consider is you have no idea what is going on in that person’s personal life. Sure, theoretically it’s not supposed to make a difference in her professional life, but sometimes things are so tough it’s very difficult Perhaps she’s lost someone in her life recently or is dealing with an ongoing situation that takes her time off her work, like a parent with Alzheimers (like I had). That can change how you do your job and are able to cope.

If you still think your plan is a good idea, then turn to yourself and about ruining your own life. For one, the authorities (ie police, especially around college campuses) have the ability to follow your myspace or facebook account. If the account you set up is considered threatening or defaming they can track you down if a complaint is filed and will. More and more employers and colleges are also checking out these accounts and anything else online about you before they hire or admit. Lastly, if you think two weeks before the end of the term is too late to change your grade, think again. Consider all this carefully before you decide to get your revenge by, as you so elegantly put it “p*** her off. Most people I know don’t boast about being immature and laugh about it.

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@Seesul, great answer!
@Cage, for all you know, your professor is on fluther and you already failed her class by initiating this discussion.

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It would be an immature thing to do.

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I agree with @Val123, and it probably wouldn’t get you expelled. Probably some singling out from the teacher, if she/he found it. But who goes searching for themselves on facebook?

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