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Can you recommend a really good jazz tune/song?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) October 21st, 2011

As asked.

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I’ve had Milt Jackson’s “Ain’t But A Few Of Us Left” album, Sinatra’s “Live In Australia 1959”, and Dexter Gordon’s “Our Man In Paris” in rotation this week. I’d recommend all of them and as a bonus you get the Red Norvo Quintet with the Sinatra album.

If you just want a single track, I always enjoy Dave Brubeck’s Take 5.

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Here’s a group for you Spyro Gyra. Check em out.

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If you’re looking for more classic jazz, check out Gap or Chuck Mangione, Cabo Frio, Jeff Tyzik, Steve Gadd, or even further back, Cab Calloway.

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This is a link for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation concerts on demand. It may not be what you are after for your current question, however, @Avesha, there is a gold mine of amazing talent from all over the world, complete concerts in any genre for lots of leisurely listening pleasure.

And no…..I don’t work for the CBC.

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Miles Davis- Time After Time.
Spyro Gyra- Old San Juan.
Al Di Meola- Love Theme from ‘Pictures of the Sea’.
Dave Brubeck- Somewhere.

The above tunes are mostly jazz-pop fusions.

If you’d like to listen to more free-form jazz, try Miles Davis- Miles Runs the Voodoo Down.

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Thank you everyone!
@Brian1946 Excellent answer. Really appreciate it.

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@Brian1946 That was some great stuff! The Spyro Gyra Del Corazon live 1998 was out of this world. (It’s the last one on the youtube list,check it out). 20 GA’s

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Thanks! I might not have thought of it if you hadn’t mentioned them.

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I’ve got Look to the Children, Esther Satterfield and Chuck Mangione playing right now.

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Now Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway. Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Hi Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Ho

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You’ll never go wrong with Ella Fitzgerald!

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@Sunny2 She’s amazing!

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Some of the best scat I’ve ever heard is Ella singing on Cottontail.

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Anything by Django Reinhardt.

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These are some jazz bands I like (along with a good song to start with):

The Bad Plus – ”Anthem for the Earnest
Christian McBride – “Camp Meeting”
Iiro Rantala New Trio – ”S**t Catapult
Kneebody – ”Dr. Beauchef, Penguin Dentist
The Sonic Nation – “January Was Confused”

I couldn’t find Christan McBride or The Sonic Nation on YouTube, but they’re both on Spotify.

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Seconding the Ella reccomendation. @Brian1946 She does that really well on “How High The Moon”, as well.

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I just heard Hubert Laws’ cover of Let It Be. I really like it, but I couldn’t find it in Amazon’s MP3 downloads section or at You Tube.

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