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Which Harry Potter character whould make a good fancy dress idea?

Asked by Taz0007 (145points) October 21st, 2011

I’m going to a Harry Potter fancy dress bar crawl. Which character would be the best to dress up as? But pheasible!

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Oh, you could make an awesome silly/crazy dress if you dressed as Luna. :)

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Thanks :D I’m thinking Bellatrix after a little wiki session…backcombed talced hair with black nails, long black dress and gothic jewellery?!!

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When I went to the last Harry Potter midnight showing, of course :P a girl dressed as Bellatrix had a duel with a couple of “Ministry Wizards.” It was awesome.

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Luna would be awesome, but you will need to find a lion’s head.

Maybe Professor Trelawney. Bound to be odd there.

Whatever you do, stay away from Professor Umbridge. The pink just sucks the air out of the room.

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Nymphadora Tonks. You could dye your hair all crazy colors, and wear all crazy color clothes.

Plus she’s kinda hot.

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For simplicity’s sake -

Professor McGonagall, in cat form.

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I’d suggest letting your age and sex be a factor. Pick a character you already have a head start on, since you are probably trying to resemble not just a character description in a book but an actor in a movie.

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His outfit works well for both men or women. I saw this awesome website where a woman made from scratch a full Snape outfit. You should be able to see that Here

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^ Holy galloping crap sandwich. That was a lot of work.

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Hermione and her dress from the Yule Ball.

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