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Why do I need a 2-lb loaf?

Asked by unused_bagels (1749points) October 21st, 2011

Here’s a picture of a 2-lb loaf of bread from a bread machine:
When I make a 2-lb loaf in my machine, it’s always twice as tall as a reasonable loaf of bread, and of course it’s just as long as a 1-lb loaf (which I make more often).
I was wondering if anyone actually makes 2-lb loaves in their bread machine, if so, why, and has anyone tried cutting a loaf in half to make 2 reasonably-sized loaves in one batch? Does that only end in tears?

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you know you could just, uh, flip it on its side

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which side? it’s 2x as tall, 1x as wide, and 2x as long as a 1-lb loaf, so it’s like, a squattish, wide rectangle when I do that…

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I only use my bread machine on the dough setting. Then I can split the 2 pound recipe into regular bread pans, let them rise and bake in the oven for real loaf shapes. It doesn’t take any more time and the texture is better.
I don’t like the hole in the bottom of the loaf from the machine mixing blade.

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Yes….what Zen said. you’re calling the top in the picture is, for me, the heel of the bread. Lay it on it’s side and it will look normal.
Bread looks REALLY good, btw! Nice texture! PM me with the recipe!

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Check your user manual. When all else fails, read the instructions! Many bread makers, mine does, will allow you to make smaller loaves, just not bigger loaves; You might be able to make a 1 or 1½ loaf in a 2lb machine but not a 2lb loaf in a 1½ lb machine. Your owner’s manual should tell you whether or not you can make less than a 2lb loaf if you want something smaller. Without knowing what particular machine you have there’s no way to know for sure.

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Yes, my Breadman makes a goofy looking 2 lb loaf.

But it’s homemade bread, it’s not going to look like factory-made bread loaves.

However, a regular slice of 2 lb bread cut in half will usually fit in a sandwich-sized Ziploc. Usually. No promises. ^_^

Also, whole-wheat bread won’t blow up as much as white bread.

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Don’t bread makers now-a-days use a regular shaped bread pan?
Is it time to swap bread recipes now?

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I think most are missing the point. I can make smaller loaves, and my machine is modern and horizontal. The 2 lb loaves are just too tall. I’m try cutting one in half and see what happens.

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Not at all. It takes 3½ hours to bake a loaf of bread, regardless of size (well, 20 minutes give or take for 1 lb vs. 2 lb) and my family can go through a 1 lb loaf before it’s finished cooling.

With a 2 lb loaf I have at least a chance of getting a sammich or two out of it.

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@unused_bagels lay it on it’s side. Then it will be the right height.

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