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Is Fluther turning a profit yet and any return for it's investors?

Asked by RareDenver (13141points) October 21st, 2011

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Well, it is at least breaking even, because the advertising pays Augie’s salary and for hosting and maintaining.

As for the rest of it, as a privately held company, they probably don’t release that information.

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This site tells of the current website value.

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@SpatzieLover According to that site, we are slowly but steadily losing users. We’ve dropped about 200,000 unique visitors per day in the last year, from around 330,000 to 130,000. That can’t be good. Fluther needs some publicity or who know how long it can keep on going.

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@wundayatta Yep. The last time I had looked it wasn’t too bad. It’s dropped a lot. I’d wonder where that vast amount went.

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Maybe people stopped logging from different places. For instance if one log into Fluther from his home pc then a laptop then from phone then at work .. you get the point.

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Our prior investors have all been paid, and Fluther is privately held, with no outside investors at the moment. I can’t speak to the profitability, but I can talk about our decrease in page views/visits.

We used to be one of the top hits for a lot of search terms… pretty much anything that had been asked here, we’d be on the first page, if not in the top two Google results. A while back, Google changed its algorithm, and it seems that we have been mis-categorized as a content farm. *

We now appear way down on the list on search results. As a result, far fewer people are finding their way to Fluther via Google. It’s something we’re working on, but there is no easy answer.

* Obviously, we are not a content farm, since all of you good people generate our text with no direction on our part. So frustrating!

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We’re a farm?

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@Dutchess_III Yep, we’re a bunch of little cows being milked for answers. ;)

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You do employ us, in lurve

If I win a lottery I am absolutely buying Fluther, but of course I’ll leave the management and whatnot as is. But it will be changed to XOIIOther

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I am concerned about our Google non-ranking. We need the revenue to pay for the servers (and our awesome @Augustlan.)

** @andrew If things get real bad would you guys please give us options for keeping us afloat? Perhaps a $5.00 membership fee like Metafilter? Let us know okay? **

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Yay – I’m a cowboy!

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I would be happy to pay a yearly $10.00 fee, given the pleasure I get from this site.

That’s the equivalent of two movies here in my home town.

(It’s its and not it’s which is (still) an abbreviation for it is.)

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I’d pay too, but would that prevent new people from joining and keeping us going? Maybe if a new user wants to join, they get a 60 day free trial, then after that pay $5, $10?

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This talk already is making fluther seem dirty and wrong :(

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@gailcalled Yes! I would gladly pay $10.00 a year! Also- having a fee would greatly discourage the hordes of spammers and trolls who use our resources without shame.

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@XOIIO Why? I’m curious about why you feel that way…

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I think one of the mods has something against me, or something.

I’ll shorten it up this time so if it gets modded again I won’t waste as much time.

There was an online game, I used to play, then they added payment and priviledges and killed it.

We should have a donate button… yadayadayada and explain why we need the donations.

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@XOIIO I remember reading that response of yours that has been modded, I have no idea why it was modded? weird

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@RareDenver Typos, that’s all. :)

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Auggie hates me for the one night stand

We should be able to send questions back for edits too XD

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Hey, now. You’re underage! There will be no one night stands, @XOIIO.

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I see one of my topics was removed

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@augustlan Not in Canda, alaska, and whatever is listed here

pack your bags ladies.


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@RareDenver Yeah, “corporate secrets so fuck of asking us” has been disabled. Gee, I wonder why? ~

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