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Can I register my car in California if the back door window is busted out?

Asked by shammie (64points) October 21st, 2011

I need to re-register my car in California and I have it all ready, but am not sure if it will pass some inspection if the back door passenger side window is busted out. I simply have not fixed it yet. Do I need to wait to re-register(I am going to the DMV myself, not via mail/internet) until after the window is fixed to save a trip?

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The inspection does not cover that. You should be able to register it just fine.

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As long as it passes smog you’re good to go.

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There are few states that care about anything other than emissions. I believe California is one it’s those states that doesn’t care about anything other than what comes out of your tailpipe, so you should be fine.

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Just clean it up and pretend the window is down if it does matter . . . California has screwed over their DMV workers so bad in the past couple years that I doubt they are incentivized enough to ask you to roll your window up (if it did matter).

I went to the Cali DMV when all the suckness started in 2008 and my birth certificate was laminated b/c my mom decided that was a bright idea back in the day.

After waiting in line for three hours, and witnessing two men fight over a spot in line (when it was obvious that one of them just walked up and cut), a DMV lady was like “sorry, can’t accept it, it’s laminated.” I was like “please, I just spent 3 hours in line, PLEASE” and she ignored me. . . . the lady in the cube next to her said, “come here honey, they just gave us a paycut right after they cut our hours, I’LL take your birth certificate,” and I got my license and was on my way!!!

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