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Have you tried Schweddy Balls Ice Cream?

Asked by john65pennington (29240points) October 21st, 2011

This is Ben and Jerrys limited edition of their new ice cream. Some super markets are not selling this ice cream, because of the impression it leaves on younger boys and some claim, it’s only locker room lingo that young boys should not hear. Question: for the men and the women, what is your opinion of Ben and Jerry new ice cream? Does it cross the line in its name, just to make a sell?

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Ingredients: Fair Trade vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls. Nope- I have not tried it but I want to now!

The name does not bother me. It just follows the sales mantra that even bad publicity is good publicity. A prime example? That your question here has me heading to the store. ;)

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No, I won’t try it only because I don’t like the taste of rum.

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Yum, sounds good.

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The name of the ice cream makes me laugh and the ingredient list makes me drool.

I don’t know if they sell it in Canada but I ever see it I’ll buy it.

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Yes, yum! I’m gonna try it!

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I’m not a big fan of malt balls, but when I first heard about it I vowed to try it if I could find it in my area. I still remember how great the original skit was and would like a carton for old-times sake as it were.

Has anyone seen anything about what chains specifically are carrying or are refusing to carry it? Such a link would save a lot of looking.

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“MSNBC reports Stop & Shop, which operates more than 375 grocery stores in New England, New York and New Jersey, is one major carrier refusing to sell the latest Ben & Jerry’s flavor.”
Other grocery stores including Roche Bros., Big Y and Publix are also not carrying the controversial flavor.”

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It’s just a name. It has been around much longer and I’m sure everyone knows about it, already (the name).

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I, for one, would love a helping of Schweddy Balls about now.

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I haven’t but I sure want to try it when I’ll get a chance.

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I haven’t tried the Ben and Jerry’s flavor specifically, but we have a carton of a different brand of malted milk ball ice cream right now. It’s delicious.

The name originates from an SNL skit with Alec Baldwin. I think it’s hilarious, not offensive.

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Alberstons Grocery in California carries it. And I have a pint. ;)

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NO. The name turnes me off, and I don’t like rum.

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@Dog Stop and Shop and Big Y are the only supermarkets near me. I probably won’t be able to find it:( But it sounds delicious!

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I lurve SNL & Pete Schweddy. I’d like to try it but it’s been sold out at our local stores.

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This is one of my favorite skits from SNL. I would try the ice cream but I hate milk chocolate malt balls. I do love rum balls, though. My mom makes them every year at Christmas and our entire family fights for those balls.

I guess I might give it a chance, but I’d have to spit the malt balls out.

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This Ben & Jerry’s vs. Grocers with social conscience, is ridiculous. It must have been done deliberately to drum up sales, because by their crippled logic, Heinz shouldn’t be allowed to sell Spotted Dick. Their argument is that it isn’t appropriate for kids… just who do you think watches SNL? This ice cream was made for the same damn demographic. If parents are scared about a little phonetic word play, then we should just remove any product on the shelf that could be remotely misconstrued as ‘inappropriate’. No more salted nuts, pu pu platters, cockles, or pork butt. Ben & Jerry’s must be hurting in sales. Announcing support for occupy Wall Street & now this. Their begging for attention.

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If they’re old enough to get the innuendo (and not just think Schweddy is a funny word), then they’re old enough to laugh at it. I won’t try it, because I don’t usually enjoy rum or malt in my deserts, but I have no problem with it being in grocery stores. Cosmo magazine seems far more dangerous to me, personally.

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O c’mon! SNL all over again! Instead of Pete’s Schwetty Balls, we have Ben & Jerry’s?
A Two-fer? Pfaugh!!!

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Rum in ice cream, sounds good to me! I bet it will be a balls up favorite!

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I wanna try it! Haven’t seen it anywhere yet. I love Midnight Snack and Clusterfluff.

People need to lighten up; it’s just ice cream!

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First of all: locker room lingo that young boys should not hear? How many young boys are really paying that much attention on the rare occasions when they are dragged to the supermarket? It’s more likely that they’re going to learn these terms from their siblings and peers—thus the very term “locker room lingo.”

Second: this is the reference people find offensive? Did the names Karamel Sutra, Half Baked, Magic Brownies, and so forth just go over their heads?

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Anyone figure out where to buy it yet?

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I did^ Albertsons had it. I think a LOT of stores have it except for the three I quoted above.

Honestly- I really do not like the idea of a bunch of hysterical, overprotective moms dictating what I am allowed to see and buy.

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@abysmalbeauty Whole Foods, Harris Teeter, and Giant all have it in my area. Haven’t checked Kroger.

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I wish I could have an opinion, but I have yet to find it. I’ve tried everywhere. And it’s one of those things you can’t really ask without feeling a little…gay.
“Hi I’m looking for some schweddy balls”.

I don’t think the name crosses the line at all. It’ll either make people with silly senses of humor giggle, or be approved by SNL fans. The only people who’d be really offended are those busybody Evangelical christian groups who frankly wouldn’t know good comedy or good ice cream even if alec baldwin teabagged them himself.

Sigh. Want. (The ice cream not the teabag)

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