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Do you have any food combos that would be considered peculiar?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) October 21st, 2011

What do you put on peanut butter sandwiches? In my family, it’s sweet pickle relish. If you like cottage cheese, what do you eat with it? Chez moi: A1 sauce. Anybody?

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My favourite slightly unusual food combo (though not unheard of by any means) is black pepper with my strawberries instead of sugar. It’s lovely! (Similar effect to chilli-chocolate….)

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Milk on my ice cream.

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I used to put ketchup on Jammie Dodgers, not anymore though coz it tasted like shit!

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Funny you should mention cottage cheese. My favorite snack is chinese noodles and cubed ham mixed into cottage cheese. Yum!

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Hotdogs in macaroni :) yum!!

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Mint jelly on my fried egg sandwiches.

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Vanilla yogurt with cinnamon and grapes.

When I was a kid, I loved mayo and catsup sandwiches.

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Well. Then. I like watermelon with chocolate. I also like pickles and artichoke hearts.

Weird enough?

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@sydsydrox haha, definitely :)

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I like a Mountain Dew/chocolate ice cream float now and then.

@Blackberry . . . my youngest son does that

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That sounds good!! I’ll have to try that!!

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fresh lime juice on coconut ice cream; ham and egg subs with pork lo mien slathered with mayo; spaghetti with mayo (with or without the roll); peanut butter and/or grape jelly and bologna on whole wheat; corn ice cream

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I tried this today: Cream cheese, walnuts, pastrami, mustard, mayo, tomato and lettuce sandwich on 3 seeded bread. It was great.
But I think my soups would probably be considered weird. Anything leftover goes in, for example: BBQ pork, salad, mashed potatoes, any vegetable on hand. I add seasoning according to the assemblage. They all have the same name: one-of-a-kind soup. I haven’t had any that would make you gag, but that day could come if I’m not careful.

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I really enjoyed a grilled cheese with peanut butter and jelly I made once. Good comfort food for when you’re tipsy.

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@Sunny2 haha I could taste test ;) best in the world in my opinion..

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How could I forget, kimchi and pancakes, and I don’t mean kimchi jun, I mean light fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with kimchi. While I’m at it, I wish I had more opportunity to make corn ice cream, but this year was really bad for fresh corn in my neck of the woods.

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@harple Very avant-garde!
@Blackberry May I ask why? If you want if creamier. Oh. You want it less creamy?
@ucme A good reason. What’s a Jammie Dodger?
@breedmitch It’s time it came around again. That’s ancient history.
@HungryGuy Are you from Wisconsin?
@CurLyFriiGal I understand.
@WestRiverrat I may try that.
@bobbinhood Vanilla yogurt, cinnamon and grapes sound perfectly normal to me.
@sydsydrox what kind of pickles and are the artichokes plain cooked or marinated?
@jonsblond Sounds good to me. The grilled cheese & P.B.s should be a menus everywhere.
@wonderingwhy Both sound great. The kim chee pancakes, well, I love kim chee, but don’t particularly care for pan cakes. Maybe the thin, no, you said buttermilk. Well, enjoy. Sans me.

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Peanutbutter spread on crispy iceberg lettuce and made into a roll.

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@Sunny2 – No. Never been there.

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@Sunny2 I don’t really know. I like the texture changes: liquid to creamy.

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I like to dip slabs of fresh cabbage in miracle whip the lazy persons cole slaw haha

and..I like to put Trader Joes sweet chili sauce on cottage cheese and dip it with tortilla chips.

Otherwise, nothing too out there.

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My brother swears the best sandwich is made with Peanut Butter, Mayonaise, and Salami.

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I didn’t get to the store this evening, had to make due with what was in the fridge for supper.

I ended up with a pizza omelet. Pepperoni, mozzarella/parmasean cheese mix, mushrooms cooked into a 3 egg omelet covered with leftover warmed pizza sauce.

Not too bad, but I think it would be better if I had been drunk.

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@linguaphile Sounds good. I’d add that hot sauce (spyraghirra or what ever it’s called) and vinegar.
@Coloma I like the quick dip idea
@filmfann Yes! The salami would definitely improve the peanut butter
@WestRiverrat Everything tastes better with a bit of booze. Especially things that you might not even try unless you were schnockered.

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@Sunny2 I had a feeling you’d ask….....Jammie Dodgers.

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Oh, I just had this yesterday.. My favorite: French fries dipped in ice cream!!!

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I like cottage cheese with salsa, yum! Or baked beans with a bit of yellow mustard, yum!

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