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Where can I get educational games for adults?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) October 21st, 2011

I would like to play a math or science game designed for university students. All I can find is grade school games. Where can I find a fun, academic, post secondary, video game? That isn’t just brain training or simple trivia.

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What game console you’re looking a game for? There are sudoku, Brain Age…

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@njnyjobs Personal computer, and not Brain training… I wan’t skills and knowledge training, like a fun Pre-Calculus or Engineering game…A game that I can learn a concept. I know that their are surgery games, but I want more than just a medical school game. The closest to a fun, learning, interactive game, that I have found, is the Q and A sites on the internet, like Fluther for example. Also sports bars have multiple choice trivia games that I enjoy…I just don’t enjoy going to the bar.

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@njnyjobs I like the site…I’m looking for something more advanced, with fun for adults… Like for example a Star Trek engineering game where one actually does engineering level assignments. Or even a game that you can learn how to write computer code in that has practical value… For example you write a code for a usable phaser and the game gets slowly more complex as skills improve. I was thinking of a Star Trek game called Damage Control Team(or a real navy ship with real problems)... where you play a crewman fixing the ship.

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Too bad we haven’t developed isolinear chip data storage yet. Or dilithium crystals. Or a matter/antimatter reaction engine.

It’d probably be easier to develop a game like that if the technology we were simulating were currently in existence.

Damn the logic.

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@Seek_Kolinahr We are close… antimatter has rumored to be made in CERN and is valued at $65 million an ounce…. but If my science teacher can use a superman reference in a physics question then we can use current tech and add some cool graphics in a Star Trek game.

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When I read this question ‘Where can I get educational games for adults?’ my mind obviously interpreted this in dirty ways.

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