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On counseling therapy/session: Does the whole process depend on how you feel better about yourself soon or on how effective the counselor/therapist is? Or both?

Asked by nikkiduq (551points) October 21st, 2011

Nope. I don’t need opinions. I need facts/researches proving the answers. Okay. Intelligent opinions are welcome, too.

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I’m not understanding your question, would you mind rephrasing?

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They are linked. A good therapist can help untie the knots in ones mind… and give one more rope.

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Isn’t one (feeling better soon) dependent on the other (the counselor’s effectiveness)? Therapy is no ‘quick fix’, generally. In order to feel better soon, you must have a kind of faith in your therapist, faith that they will help you, in the long run. In order to feel that faith, you need not only a skilled therapist, but the right therapist for you. One size does not fit all, and if you’re uncomfortable with your therapist, don’t expect to feel better very soon. Instead, try out another one. And another one. Until you find the one you click with.

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@talljasperman only if you provide what he needs to know and even then the therapist can make wrong assumptions. Haven’t you noticed? When things aren’t going to good for the patient the therapist goes back to the childhood. Why is that? Why should all our current problems be linked to that time? I dunno.

Well for feeling better part .. If you feel better you’ll stop going to therapy. It’s a fact. [unless your name is Adrian Monk and your life is revolved around therapy].
The therapist is effective only when you provide every information you can remember. Or else the assumptions might lead to other responses [some of which might not be that relevant for that particular situation].

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You don’t always feel better after a therapy session. Sometimes, if something big come up, you might feel worse in the short term, but you will, as you process it, feel better in the longer term.

Effectiveness of the therapist is important to the process succeeding. Also, how you rect to the therapist is important.

I knew when I had outgrown a therapist and needed something else to work with. Another form of therapy. Listen to your inner voice.

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When I went through therapy, my therapist helped me quite effectively by making me see that the things that had happened where not under my control. When I left, nothing had changed other than my point of view about them, and that made all the difference.

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Wait a minute, for facts you don’t go to a Question and Answer (opinion) site, you go to a research site, with statistics and scientific studies. Fluther is full of opinions.

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