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What's that bright non-flickering star I'm seeing right now in the sky?

Asked by Sponge (541points) October 22nd, 2011 from iPhone

The local time is 10:17PM, location is Florida?

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Just guessing, but most likely it’s a planet.

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If it is to the East at about 45 degrees elevation, that is Jupiter.
The width of your fist is 10 degrees. So look 4 and half fist widths above the horizon to the East and a little south. If you have binoculars you will see the 4 moons too.

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The lights on incoming aircraft may appear to be quite stationary. Check up on it later.
If it’s really booking it, it’s probably a satellite.

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@worriedguy yup it is Jupiter thanks for the info, I’ve just downloaded 2 cool apps that confirmed it.

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Might be that Russian satellite thats coming down. Is it moving, or just getting bigger?

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@filmfann no it is Jupiter

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What apps did you download?

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@Sponge Did you measure the altitude. with your fists? That is a really handy trick. You can also count down from the zenith, 90 degrees, directly overhead. It works.
That meme will stick with you for life. Enjoy!
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If you are into watching your night sky, there is a free download called…. Stellarium.

I’ve been using it with my son. Beautiful fun.

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@asmonet The apps i downloaded are Planets which is really cool,it gives you the positions of the stars and planets “in real time” and another app called Planet Finder

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