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If you had the power to read the minds of other people, would you use this power for good or evil?

Asked by HungryGuy (15979points) October 22nd, 2011

Would you? Huh? Would you?

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I would use it for teleportation. You tell me. Is that good or evil?

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@wundayatta… is that how teleportation is achieved, by being able to read minds of other people?

I think having that power would be more of a curse than anything else. Imagine, finding out things that other people are thinking and somehow unable to do anything about it.

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I’d use it for my good and let the chips fall where they might as far as what about me is evil.

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I am sure I would think I was trying to do good with it, but would end up just manipulating people and taking advantage.

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I’d mainly use it for fun. Because at some point when you’d want to read people mind you’d hear other people thoughts too. I can’t picture reading minds without thinking of “What women want”.

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I would start out with only the best of intentions, but would likely turn evil once knowing what everyone actually thinks of me.

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I would sure as hell use it for evil! >:)

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It’s a power I would gladly give back, immediately and not use at all, for good or evil. I have enough trouble dealing with the constant chatter, noise and static generated by my own mind, thank you.

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Outside of religious dogma, good and evil are subjective concepts that vary from person to person.

If I planned to use my powers “to read the minds of terrorists and foil their plans” then that would be an evil thing… for the terrorists and their supporters.

What I’d like to do is use that capability to make a lot of money, and put that to good use.

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Pfft, I don’t need no mind reading powers to be evil.

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Assuming I had no choice in whether I have this power, I would, of course, use it to my own best advantage.

However, I would of course be subject to my own internal morals and ethics. That is, I couldn’t take undue advantage of people. Corporations, maybe, but not people. ^_^

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I’d end up using it for evil. I don’t think any good could come of it.

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Hooray for evil :-p

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