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Any Late night cafe w/ free wifi?

Asked by excinit (10points) May 12th, 2008

Looking for a cafe open late – ideally 24, but at least 2AM, where I can go write during the late-night. I knew of one in suburban kansas city so i imagine there has to be one in San Francisco, right? I looked on Yelp and found nothing open later than 10pm.

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Too bad you’re not in Seattle.

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It’s too bad I’m not in Seattle.

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I’m in one right now! But it’s in New York. Open 24 Hours, Jou Jou cafe, 168th street and Broadway. Only a six hour plane ride away…

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Try getting your own coffee in a thermos and going to the library?:

It doesn’t say if they turn the signal off at night, but you might find a cafe within range of the library to try it from.

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This is the latest I’ve found a cafe to be open in SF (midnight). It’s brand new – just opened a week or two ago. Good coffee, free internet, plenty of outlets, plush chairs. Some evenings they have live jazz, so that may or may not be conducive to writing for you.

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I know, I know…posting links is not an “answer”, but I found this thread on Yelp to be chock full of ideas. So many, that I could not confirm them all, but thought I would share to see if there were any here that were still open late and that were not on the Yelp search results you originally found. I hope it helps.

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excinit, sorry I don’t have an answer, but hopefully you can help me out with a similar question. What’s the name of the cafe in KC that’s open late and has free wi-fi? Maybe I live under a rock out in KC, but I’m having a hard time finding such a place! Thanks.

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