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Cookies and milk or cookies and tea?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) October 23rd, 2011

What do you prefer, Cookies and a glass of cold milk?
Or cookies and a hot cup of tea?
I LOVE cookies and milk! but i’m having them with tea right now.

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Cookies and, not just a glass, but at least a quart of milk. That’s my vote. I’m not much of a tea drinker, to be honest, but I love milk.

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I would have biscuits and tea. Strong tea.

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Tea and toast. I can’t do dairy, and I don;t really like sweet things that much, I’d rather swap the cookies for something savory

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Cookies and tea with milk.

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If I must pick from those choices, cookies and milk. In reality, cookies and coffee. :)

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Cookies with warm milk. I rarely have them with tea.

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Definitely cookies and milk!

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I agree with @Hibernate & @tedibear. I prefer fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with walnuts and warm milk or coffee fed to me slowly by a half-naked redhead as I lay on a sea of soft bassett hounds

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@cprevite whoa there big boy!

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Cookies and a cup of hot tea with milk in it.

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@cprevite Paha thats awesome!

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I am more of a cookie dough and milk person.

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Cookies and milk!

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@cprevite – I was with you until the basset hounds…

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I’m not a hot tea drinker. I can’t imagine dipping cookies in iced tea. That’s be nasty.

Milk ftw.

I have grabbed a cookie at breakfast and dipped it in my coffee. Peanut butter cookies are great this way.

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Depends on the cookie.

Butter cookies, shortbread cookies, or biscotti – tea.

Oreos with milk. Always.

Fresh chocolate chip cookies could go either way.

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Cookies! Anyway I can get them. Milk; tea with milk; plain tea, not so much; nothing to drink is okay too.

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Darn, this is a hard one :P I usually have tea with all kinds of sugary desserts, but a good chocolate cookie, for example, seems to demand a cold glass of milk. Could be all the Oreo ads I’ve seen in my life though.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I agree! Any cookie with chocolate in it- milk. Same with oatmeal raisin.

But there are many biscuit types that go better with tea. My old Scottish grandmother made many cookies that went best with tea, in fact they didn’t go at all well with milk. Too bad all the recipes died with her 35 years ago.

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@tedibear: They’re very soft with luxurious fur. Very comfy for cookie munching. :^)

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I think that cookies and milk go together better. I am a big fan of tea, but the taste never seems right to me when I’m drinking a cup of tea (any flavor) and eating cookies. Milk and cookies just have that unique flavor together whether you dip the cookies in the milk of eat a cookie then drink a glass of milk.

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Chocolate chip cookies with shitloads of Nutella on top.. and smarties all around.. and 4 gallons of milk.. fatass

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I love tea, but it’s a crime against nature to have cookies with anything but milk.

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Cookies with tea most definitely.

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Pizza and beer.

But nah, I love the good ol classic milk and cookies. Chocolate chip cookies for me. They just go so well together. I won’t even eat cookies if there isn’t milk to accompany them. One time a friend came over and I was having cookies and milk, and she was all like, man you’re such a Santa Claus. It was pretty funny.
I don’t do the whole dipping the cookies in milk thing though, that’s goddamn nasty, then you have cookie crumbs hanging around in the milk, ew.
No tea for me, I don’t like it to begin with.

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Cookies and tea. I don’t like milk, unless it’s almond milk.

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@martianspringtime How do you milk an almond?

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Cookies and cookies.

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I prefer cookies and black tea or puerh tea.

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