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Is anyone brave enough to admit they are not very intelligent and would excluding them be discriminating?

Asked by gr8teful (510points) October 23rd, 2011

Not everyone is intelligent is it discriminating to exclude them?Fluther seems very liberal in many ways everyone seems to want to be seen as nice and super-intelligent and caring and inclusive towards everyone in society.Of course it is ok to be gay or an athiest or religious or have aspergers or autism or a mental illness but what if you are just not that intelligent a person is that ok too?

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I’m about as stupid as they come, this question had me insisting to my self that the answer is 10 for about an hour, and I have been here over 2 years now.

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Being unintelligent is fine. I’m not very intelligent myself, to be honest. I’ve just made enough mistakes to have figured a few things out by the process of elimination. I’ll continue to make plenty of mistakes in the future, too, and I hope people continue to correct me. That’s how we learn.

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It is more to do with feelings and good sense and sharing experience than intelligence and it is very much about tolerance.

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I’ve admitted more than once on Fluther that I’m not very intelligent, and I avoid the intellectual questions like the plague because I know I can’t answer them. And I don’t get this question either (even the explanation makes no sense to me). Having said that, I don’t feel discriminated against here.

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Uh, I’m not intelligent, that’s why I’m here :P

I believe there are intelligent people here.

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If we have to be intelligent to be here, I have definitely stumbled onto the wrong site.
Maybe no one will notice and perhaps what I lack in smarts I can make up for with charm… ; )

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Intelligence/education should never be used as a weapon to beat up on someone.This is inherently wrong & should be avoided at all costs.
Now buggeroff, you’re distracting me from my game of chess with Rupert ;¬}

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No need to be intelligent @gr8teful, just need to have a desire to learn and share.
hence the Q & A ; )

@ucme All buggers are distracted by Rupert’s chest, you say?
NO discriminating around here! I insist the blimy buggers look at my chest too!!

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I think I failed the IQ test when I first tried to register on Fluther. I am glad they removed it as a measure of granting access. ooooppsss, nevermind, that was mensa

I can even really claim a blonde moment.

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Well, I’m no genius, I’m quite sure of that. But hey, I like to think I make up for it in other ways.

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I wish I understood what people mean when they talk about intelligence. Are we talking about tests? And if so, what do these tests actually measure? Because I don’t believe they tell us anything of use at all. Or rather, they tell us some of what culturally specific knowledge they have retained.

So how much does that matter? What if you come from a different culture? Does it make you stupid that you can’t score well on my culture’s test? What if you never went to school? Is school and book learning the only kind of learning that matter? I have a lot of book learning. Do you want me to guide you through a Louisiana swamp? I’ve never been near one in my life!

I think everyone has their own intelligence that is related to what’s important in their life. If clothing and makeup are important, then their intelligence lies there—something that is easy for other people to denigrate. Maybe their intelligence lies in fishing or golf or brick laying.

Sometimes someone or another will tell me I’m intelligent, which generally annoys be because I don’t know what they mean. I don’t think them mean I score well on tests, because they have no idea what my test scores are. Maybe they mean I write reasonably clear English. Maybe they think I know a lot about something they don’t know much about. Maybe this impresses them.

Or maybe I’ve mistaken it all, and being told you are intelligent isn’t really a compliment of some kind. Maybe it means they think I have an attitude. Maybe they think I think I’m better than everyone else. Sometimes someone will say that, but if they think I think I am smart, then they are clearly idiots.

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I can’t quantify my intelligence – and no test will reveal the absolute truth anyway. I’m smart enough to know how little I know, but even that sounds a bit vain and ridiculous to me sometimes, I mean, what does that even mean, right?

I am smarter than I was 30 years ago – that’s for sure. Parenthood will hone your abilities, and make you appear smarter than you are anyway. But emotional intelligence, of which there are numerous discussions here already, that’s the trick.

There are people, jellies here and everywhere, who could be exceptionally book smart – but it won’t matter much in the real world in real life situations. It’s a good place to start, though.

Read as much as you can, keep your eyes and ears open. Life isn’t the 60 yard dash – it’s a marathon. And a marathon that has twists and turns; a marathon where you not only don’t get to see the end, you don’t even know when it ends. So make the most of it – and don’t fret about things you have no control over – and that are subjective. Be the smartest you can be – the rest is confidence.

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You can be “nice . . . . . and caring and inclusive towards everyone in society” without being super intelligent. Super intelligent people can be smug, overbearing and intolerant of people with less intelligence, but that’s their loss. To me it’s the humanitarian element that is most important. We’re all in this world together. It isn’t enough to be tolerant, we should be accepting of each others differences. and relate on a human level. Doesn’t mean you have to ‘like’ everybody; just that you need to recognize that there is value in every individual.

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I believe there are many kinds of “smart” – everyone has a particular intelligence that is reflected in his/her way of looking at things. Perspective. It takes all of us to make the world go around. We all need to realize that we are EQUAL but different. I can wash your dishes but if you asked me to fix your car…...oh boy.

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@downtide and @poisonedantidote


I thought I was the only person who didn’t understand that Q or the answer since everyone else on that thread seemed to “get it” sooner or later.

I’ve read through the explanation several times and I STILL DONT GET why the answer is not ten.

But numbers and I have hardly had more than a nodding acquaintance all my life so I’ve learned not to care :)

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@Buttonstc Re. the question how much does the ball cost; at first glance, it appears the bat is one dollar and the ball is 10 cents, however, it is stated that the bat costs one dollar more than the ball, and one dollar is only 90 cents more than 10 cents. So the ball cannot be 10 cents. The answer is 5 cents. The bat costs one dollar and five cents and the the ball costs five cents. Together, they cost $1.10

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Finally, a thorough explanation that actually makes sense to me. I finally get it. If I could, I’d lurve you X 10.

You would be a fantastic Elementary school teacher. The skill that is required to make things understandable to even an 8 yr. old is vastly underrated. Perhaps you missed your true calling in life.

And I guess that gives me an IQ equivalent to an 8 yr. old.

So does that mean I should be excluded from Fluther as well?
Oh dear, that hardly seems right.

Well, even tho I haven’t joined yet, maybe I’ll have to go hang out at Mensa. I recently discovered that, based upon tests I took and scholarships I qualified for in HS, I’m qualified to join without any further testing required. I guess they’re willing to overlook my obvious Math handicap.

But I rather think I prefer Fluther, if they’ll have me.


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