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What item/items in someones shopping cart would make you want them?

Asked by sophiesword (2294points) October 23rd, 2011

Saw this guy with cat food and a bottle of intense grape juice in his basket and I just wanted to mount him !!!!

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That is so you!!
Cat food, dog food, deodorant, body spray, peach juice.
Man that’s random, all I could think of now!

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@sophiesword @Ayesha . . . so where and when do you usually shop? (wink wink)

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Squirty cream, pack of ping pong balls & a pair of edible panties.

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Ohh whipped cream and caramel too!
@njnyjobs :)

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An assortment of fresh produce, maybe a brisket or a pork loin, a nice bottle of wine and 4 pack of Dogfish Head Pumpkin Ale, stuff that indicates he knows how to cook and could fix you a fabulous meal from scratch, as opposed to a guy whose cart was filled with Hot Pockets, Pop Tarts, Sunny Delight and a half-case of Bud Lite in cans. Guys who can cook and make you dinner are very sexy to me.

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@Ayesha . . really now, where can I get the cherries? 8~p

@lillycoyote except for the Ale, I think you just described my shopping cart…

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Real butter
Sourdough bread loaf
Triple cream blue cheese wedge
Pomegranate juice
Porterhouse steak or lamb chops
Tsing Tao Beer
Dungeness crab

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LOL. I was thinking this the other day when I was food shopping, a guy in front of me had a bag of fruit and nuts and all kinds of health foods and I was like, that is kinda hot. Extra points for organic if you’re asking.

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@njnyjobs Anywhere you want. Really.

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Maybe not necessarily in their cart…

But I do dig people who have string.
Surprisingly enough, not a lot of people have string.

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I was at the grocery story one day many years ago and the guy ahead of me had peanut butter cup ice cream, tater tots and a big bottle of white wine. Had he not had his two children with him, I might have followed him to his car.

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@njnyjobs LOL. So what are you fixing for dinner, the brisket or the pork loin? And what time should I be there? Should I bring anything? Another bottle of wine maybe? ;-)

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Anything carb laden, i.e. pizza, pasta, bread..mmh!
Loads of colourful fruit and veg too.

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If I was single.
Some cooked creole style shrimp,
a fresh baked french role
an excellent bottle of wine
and a delicious Tiramisu
and he looked sweet but smelled dangerous. Um hmm! Yum!
Great! Now I’m hungry and want some tiramisu.

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Honestly, I have never looked in someone’s cart or basket and thought, “Damn, baby, that is some fine looking shampoo you got there!” but if a guy has obviously vegetarian selections no meat, veggie patties, soy products, stuff like that then I look at him a little more favorably.

It’s not that I don’t like meat-eaters, but if someone etas the same stuff I do, cooking and going out are sooooooooooo much easier.

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Axe body spray….

lol just kiddding! Dark chocolate and a nice steak would be a-ok with me.

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$7 cases of beer and real guac.

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A four-quart enema bag and dildo nozzle. This I would like to watch. :-)

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haha I love it! I was just contemplating posting this question last night because of organic spinach being so hot…(I went grocery shopping)... then I thought no, better not be an idiot :D Right on.

Organic and cooking stuff…fancy mushrooms and risotto ingredients and stuff like that, agreed about the creole shrimp…anything to make foodie delight is super hot.

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Organic marinated tofu, white stilton cheese with cranberries, fresh mushroom ravioli (with fresh sage which he will hopefully be making browned butter sage sauce) Brussels sprouts on the stem, ground flax meal, soba noodles, Pacific brand mushroom broth, fresh beets, whole grain mustard, frozen pie crusts, butternut squash, fresh radish sprouts, whole wheat tortillas, miso paste, heirloom tomatoes, bunashimeji mushrooms, fresh basil and pine nuts, fresh blackberries, Tazo Om tea, heirloom pumpkins, organic black beans, Kashi frozen meals, blood oranges, and a dog toy.

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I saw a guy with kitty litter and a bottle of wine in his cart the other day. /swoon/

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