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How to move my ITune Library on a new Macintosh ?

Asked by martinr (1points) May 12th, 2008

Because I don’t want to re-import all

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You should be able to do it during setup…when the install discs asks you if you are transferring information, say “yes”

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but it’s on another machine, at home with no network

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If you can’t connect the 2 machines, you could burn a CD or DVD or some other removable media. Insert or connect to new machine and copy the folder across.

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…I am assuming that you cannot get the two (new and old) machines together? Like they are both desktops? Sounds like you might be out of luck if you don’t want to reimport. The easiest way though, if you will reimport, is get an external drive and just save it to there. Then, instead of copying it all into a new library, set the prefs so that it sees the old library on the drive. ?

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But if you can get the machines together, firewire disk mode is a good friend to know about

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well, if you can get them next to eachother, put a firewire cable between, one in target disk mode, tadaa, or just use a external disk, remember, after you’ve placed it, start itunes with alt and select the new one

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Basically, enable disk mode, find the file with your tunes, put it on your ipod, connect your ipod to the new computer, move the file from your ipod to your library and it should import automatically.
Here are better, more detailed instructions (including pictures). This way worked really well for me when I moved my music from my G5 to my MBP.

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