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When is intelligence not enough?

Asked by Lua_cara (467points) October 24th, 2011

What more is required?

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How about: Compassion and empathy. Communication skills. Common courtesy and manners and not least of all, common sense.

I live with people with autism and aspergers. They are very intelligent, but lack in all of the above mentioned and it makes my life very difficult at times.

Yeah, I have to edit and add, Self Control/Self Discipline.

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Hard work, and lots of it. Practice. Will. Patience.

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Knowledge. You have to have the knowledge to use your intelligence wisely.

Also, what @cazzie said.

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Intelligence is never enough. You need all listed above, plus integrity.

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To all the great answers above, I’ll add emotional intelligence. Being smart, even being very smart, won’t get you over the obstacles that life is sure to throw in your path. Building a strong emotional reserve is important, methinks.

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Connections due to having a well connected family.

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Dictators of the world have proven themselves to be very intelligent but with hearts of evil intent, there is no room for their subjects to have any kind of a life except in relation to their servitude to the despot himself/herself.

Intelligence is a marvellous thing but without working in conjunction with fine attributes that make us truly caring people who value win/win, I would rather have people in my life who are as they say “a few bricks short of a load” but with genuine, authenic hearts for collective society.

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Enough for what?

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Good health always helps.

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When you’re in a beauty pageant
when you’re a coyote and you’re trying to catch a road runner.

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You feel it’s never enough when you’re trying to impress a smart boy you love. In which case, you’ll have to get over him.. Assuming I’m right.

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Almost all the time.

Wisdom is a really good complement. So is skill. Empathy. Kindness. Caring.

Let me take that back. Intelligence is never enough.

For one thing, I don’t know what it is. For another, we are full human beings; not just brains or intellectual capacity. I think what is most important is having good judgment—a good sense of ethics and priorities. In order to have good priorities you need to understand others and the community and the environment and you need to be able to balance many things in order to have good judgment.

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