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Anybody know what this song is?

Asked by goose756 (655points) October 24th, 2011

It’s in the Macy’s MStyleLab commercial (I saw on youtube). You can see the video by
1. going here
2. click on her (women)
3. click “Shop Now” on the main image and there will be a link to the video in the top right corner.

Kind of a run around to get to it sorry, but if anyone knows this song I would appreciate it.

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I am not seeing a video on that site, but I think Macy’s is currently using an old Olivia Newton John song called Magic

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There is also this ad, but I don’t recognize the song.

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nah.. neither of those are it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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If you find a link that works, please post it.
It wasn’t that little fuzz bass and plunk synth number? I don’t think that is a real song.

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well the video that I directed you to is Flash if that makes a difference to why you can’t see it, are you on iPad or anything?

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@goose756 According to this site, the music is by MelodyRobot.

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still not the song I’m talking about. The one I see is kind of a techno sound, no words.

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I think it sounds like Herd & Fitz Feat, Just Can’t Enough.

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According to this article in Variety it’s an original song, written for the ad campaign and recorded by Tyler Blackburn. If there’s more than one song, I am assuming they were all written and recorded specifically for the Macy’s campaign. That’s why you don’t recognize it or them.

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That song is called “bad for me” by meagan and liz.

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It’s Boomerang by The Summer Set. I think they won some Macy’s contest so their song got featured. Anyway, it’s a great song.

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