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Which sex is more competitive amongst themselves for members of the opposite sex?

Asked by Male (1353points) October 24th, 2011

Sure, there’s bound to be bias…but whatever, try to keep it fair.

For males, I think they’re less competitive in terms of jealousy, but more in terms of possessiveness and ownership.

For females, they’re more jealous and competitive for attention.

I think both are equally competitive for sex.

Let’s hear some opinions.

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Well, most women certainly try harder on a daily basis.

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Yes I do find most women are very competitive and jealous over other women. Some women can be bitchy when in competition for men.

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I’d say they’re both equally competitive.

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Females don’t like to make it really obvious while males try to act like jerks so others won’t see they want attention too ^^

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@Hibernate I don’t really agree with that, many females here are quite obvious competitive and jealous.

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I think men are. I’ve never been competitive about that sort of thing. But then again, I’m not ugly or fat.

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I feel like men are very competitive. There are very few I trust.

Women always complain about how bitchy and back-stabbing other women are, but I don’t see it. What they say is bitchiness to me seems like over-sensitivity. If a man did that, I wouldn’t even notice. When a man stabs you in the back, you kinda notice.

But maybe women are sensitive to different things. Getting along seems more important. A man needs a beer. We’re simple creatures. A woman seems to need a family history and god knows what else in order to feel like the other woman isn’t going to try to claw her eyes out.

So yeah, women are at each other, if secretly, a lot more, but when men tangle, it’s like the continents are colliding… only not so slow.

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I think girls are in a more complex way. They use flirting, makeup, anything to make themselves attractive. Guys just kinda…be.

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@Londongirl read that again. Most try not to make it obvious [that means THEY ARE competitive and jealous].

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@Hibernate hmm… when you said try not to make it obvious, to me you were saying they were not showing much jealous, but exactly I was trying to say I disagreed with that, I think women show obviously jealous and bitchy more comparing to men.

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Now let’s get it all in perspective. Per general it might be true but it all depends on the persons we’re talking about.

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I think woman just fight more in general and usually for longer. Females can hold a grudge forever.

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@Hibernate Ok I agree with that :)

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IMHO, There are two different answers.
Men for the short haul. It changes when they feel like there has been a conquering event or they get bored and move on.
Women for the long haul. They have much more patience and much more honest desire once committed to it.

disclaimer…these are general observations and not the approach of the posting jelly


Women are more competitive among themselves. Men are more competitive with everyone. When men are also more goal-oriented and determined. Women tend to take competition less seriously.

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Women are far more competitive in my experience.

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Yes, I agree @MRSHINYSHOES I don’t take competition very seriously. But my BF does. Hey, guys gotta fight. That’s why you don’t let little boys cry for too long. Guys gotta fight to get the girl, get the job, etc..

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